Data Preservation vs. Budget Constraints: Breaking the Storage Conundrum of eDiscovery

Preserving discovery data can be an expensive nightmare when you're not using the right tools. Learn how you can store data safely and on a budget.

Data Preservation vs. Budget Constraints: Breaking the Storage Conundrum of eDiscovery

The digital revolution has simplified just about every area of life. In the legal arena, it has made it easier to handle tasks such as investigations, discovery, and even litigation. In fact, eDiscovery is now the go-to method for handling a fundamental pre-trial procedure. 

However, such powerful tools come with their own sets of difficulties. One of the biggest issues encountered by legal professionals is safe and reliable data preservation. So, how do you get around it?

In the past, it was all about money; the almighty buck. Law firms and attorneys could either pay large amounts of money to store and preserve data, or they could accept the security risks of storing information across multiple platforms. 

Unfortunately, budget constraints and security gaps are interfering with the ability of legal professionals to practice proper data preservation. But the good news is that with emerging tools, it’s possible to preserve data without breaking the bank.

Preserve All Your Discovery Data or Your Legal Budget?

Data is a magical thing. With enough data, you can really do just about anything. For instance, think of all those AI chat programs that keep making the news for terrifyingly Terminator-like conversations. While they have their kinks to work out, it’s clear that massive amounts of data have made things possible we would’ve never imagined.

This is also true in the legal world, but this reality comes with its own set of difficulties. 

Yes, data is invaluable when it comes to discovery. Yes, there are plenty of options when it comes to data preservation software. And if you go with a trusted vendor, you shouldn’t have any problems safeguarding such data and accessing it whenever you need it. Of course, you could also take the day off tomorrow and travel to space in a rocket. 

What’s the hurdle there? Prohibitive costs. This is just as true in the legal arena. 

To properly preserve data, you often have to spend a lot of money. The traditional approach to preservation involves nothing other than spending more based on how much data you have. Scalability is simple, but when you need more storage space, that’s typically when the hidden costs come into play. 

For law firms and in-house legal teams with unlimited resources, this may not be a big deal. With growing budgetary constraints, however, legal professionals are having to look for different approaches. 

Unfortunately, some of these approaches can create significant risks with data preservation. 

Infinite Data Sources = Infinite Security Risks

Even the most carefree layperson can understand the difficulties faced by legal professionals when it comes to eDiscovery. 

Many legal teams eventually get to the point where storing additional information on their systems becomes cost prohibitive. The greater your data needs, the greater your bill.

Storing and tracking data across multiple systems may seem like an ingenious way around this. However, it also creates significant challenges and risks. For one, there’s a very real lack of control when you’re trying to juggle multiple data preservation software offerings. Additionally, finding the information you need can become an extreme difficulty when you have to pull collections across multiple platforms. 

The greatest issue you’ll encounter in your attempt to preserve data at a low cost is the potential for security issues. No system is impenetrable, and having multiple data sources means you’ll face security risks from multiple platforms. 

Put simply, legal teams need a single, secure place to store their data that won’t break the bank. While this may seem like a tall order in the data preservation world, it’s one that some companies have been working hard on for a while. 

Your eDiscovery Tool Can Become Your Data Preservation Software

Software compatibility is important in any profession. You want to make sure your systems work together.

However, it’s far simpler to have one tool that handles multiple jobs. The Swiss army knife is  evidence of this. So, what tools could you possibly combine within the legal world? Fortunately, you have the option of using your eDiscovery tool as a powerful piece of data preservation software. 

How exactly would this work, though? Logikcull Preserve is a great example. This tool handles your most important eDiscovery needs, but it will also preserve any volume data at no additional charge. 

This means that anyone using Logikcull as their eDiscovery platform has access to unlimited data storage without paying a dime more. This obviously carries huge benefits when it comes to making the most of limited budgets, but that’s not where the advantages end. 

By using your eDiscovery software to preserve data, you also simplify the entire discovery process. The capability of seamlessly transitioning from preservation to processing and review can make your job much easier while providing the security and efficiency your law firm or company demands. 

And when you can do your job without worrying about safety issues and juggling multiple platforms, you can focus more on your clients and matters.


As a legal professional, your job is already demanding enough. Things become more difficult when you throw historically high associate turnover, shrinking budgets, increased competition for talent, and other factors into the mix. 

There’s no reason you should also have to deal with data preservation issues that continue to arise due to increased tech demands and the explosion of digital data. 

Regardless of the approach you take, it’s important to never overlook the importance of preserving data in a defensible manner. On top of making your job simpler, it ensures you’re following proper security protocols and safeguarding private and privileged information. And when your eDiscovery platform offers unlimited data preservation, you can get the best of both worlds within a single resource. 

If you’d like to learn how Logikcull can handle your eDiscovery and data preservation needs, book a quick demo to learn more today.

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