The Downright Terrifying Cost of a Data Breach | Logikcull

The Downright Terrifying Cost of a Data Breach | Logikcull

Electronic devices and IT systems are the new bank vaults and boardrooms: troves of sensitive information -- from passwords and usernames, to credit card information, business strategies and corporate secrets -- courting prying eyes and brazen attacks. As has become widely apparent in the last several years, as the likes of Target, Sony, Anthem, Cravath and many others have been victimized, this data is subject to potentially paralyzing cybersecurity attacks. In nine out of 10 of these breaches, hackers take just minutes to compromise systems.

The consequences of security breaches extend beyond lost dollars. Additional costs include those for crisis management services, communications plans, forensic investigations, legal counsel, and fulfillment of state and credit monitoring, among others.

While individuals and organization of any kind can be hacked, law firms are especially vulnerable because they house large amounts of extremely sensitive client data. The infographic below details the costs of cybersecurity breaches for law firms as well as tips to safeguard data and help prevent attacks.

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