eDiscovery Is Over: A Holiday Message From Logikcull

eDiscovery Is Over: A Holiday Message From Logikcull


Happy Holidays, from Logikcull

Sing along with Logikcull's Lonely Hearts Club Band, featuring, from right to left, Logikcull's own Robert Hilson, Sr. Director of Marketing, Vin Gee, Controller, Zach Yellin-Flaherty, Vocal Consultant, and Evan Meagher, V.P. of Finance. (Please sign along. It will help drown them out.)

So this is Christmas and what have you done?

Sanctioned for spoliation; hearing just begun.

And so this is Christmas, I hope you have fun

Telling your client, of costs overrun.

A very hairy Christmas; judge asks, “what d’we have here?”

“Incomplete disclosure—evidence just disappeared.”

And so this is Christmas, in court all day long

Faced with Rule 37, for some simple wrong.

And so happy Christmas, you’re in for a fight.

Opposing counsel claims intent, that’s no minor slight.

A very wary Christmas, you call this a smear.

“How ‘bout default judgment?” other side volunteers.

For some missing doc, this case you will lose.

You should have picked software that wasn’t so hard to use.

A very merry Christmas, let’s hope in the new year

We can end eDiscovery—the cost, complexity and fear.

With intuitive software, for firms of all sort,

Instant Discovery for everyone, with world-class support.

And so this is Christmas, to show we’re sincere,

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