Expert Insights Into the 9th Circuit: Podcast Now Available

Expert Insights Into the 9th Circuit: Podcast Now Available

The Ninth Circuit is the largest federal court of appeals in the country, with an influence to match. Whether it’s wrestling with dated cybersecurity laws, responding to the president’s travel bans, or determining whether a monkey can own a copyright, the Ninth Circuit’s rulings (usually) carry great weight. And though the appellate court has a somewhat inaccurate reputation as the most-reversed circuit in the nation, its impact on the legal system continues to grow, well beyond the controversial executive orders and monkey selfies. In recent years, the circuit has issued, for example, notable decisions on hacking and “unauthorized access,” discovery sanctions, and even judicial tweeting.

In sum, the Ninth Circuit is worth keeping on top of. To that end, Logikcull co-sponsored Above the Law’s “Better Know a Circuit” event at the University of California, Hastings College of Law this June—and it’s now available as a podcast.

Hosted by ATL’s own Elie Mystal, the event featured a trio of insightful Ninth Circuit experts:

  • Rory Little, a professor at UC Hastings and SCOTUSblog contributor, who has argued more than 60 cases before the Ninth
  • Julie Yap, a partner in Seyfarth Shaw’s labor and employment department and senior editor of the California Peculiarities Employment Law Blog
  • Ben Feuer, the chairman of the California Appellate Law Group and a current Appellate Lawyer Representative for the Ninth.

The panel covered everything from the Ninth Circuit’s geographic diversity, its most “important” judges, and the controversies facing the circuit under the Trump administration. There was even a guest appearance by Logikcull co-founder Andy Wilson, discussing Logikcull’s drive to democratize eDiscovery.

Click below to download the podcast today!

This post was authored by Casey C. Sullivan, who leads education and awareness efforts at Logikcull. You can reach him at or on Twitter at @caseycsull.

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