Get the searchable version of the Mueller Report here!

Get the searchable version of the Mueller Report here!

Millions of documents collected and reviewed. Thousands of hours of interviews. Hundreds of witnesses. Dozens of indictments. One report. And no collusion?

Today, Special Counsel Robert S. Mueller III’s report on Russian interference in the 2016 election, known as "the Mueller Report,” was released by Attorney General William Barr. More than 400 pages long, the report details Russian efforts to manipulate social media, hack political opponents, and to create contacts within the Trump campaign.

The report is long, clocking in at more than 400 pages, and heavily redacted. There are, for example, entire pages that have been hidden from public view in order, according to the Attorney General, to protect sources, privacy, and ongoing investigations.

Mueller Report Redactions-1

It's not just the length of the report or the breadth of redactions that will make it difficult to get through, though. Delivered to Congress on CDs, it led more than a few Congressional staffers to wonder whether they even had technology that was still capable of reading CDs. Taking up more than 153 megabytes, for only a few hundred pages, it's a bandwidth-busting file that may be too big to easily read on your struggling mobile phone or tablet.

Oh, and the report, as released today, is completely unsearchable.

So, to help you get through the Mueller Report without having to flip through all 448 pages, we’ve uploaded the report into Logikcull.

In Logikcull, you can quickly search through the document, find keywords and key players, make annotations, and tag the most revelatory information.

In seconds you can identify, for example, all the passages relating to Ivanka Trump, Donald F. McGahn, or find out how many of the President’s tweets made it into the report. (Hint: over 100.)

Access to the report in Logikcull is free and available to the public. Just sign up here. And, if you find anything revelatory, let us know.


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