Get Thee to a Nerdery: The New Shakespeare-Inspired Demo Data Set From Logikcull

Get Thee to a Nerdery: The New Shakespeare-Inspired Demo Data Set From Logikcull

If you’ve ever had to sit through a discovery software demo, chances are you’ve encountered the Enron Data Set, a famously robust set of emails that were made public after Enron’s fall from grace roughly 20 years ago. The data set is used so frequently in demos that people have taken to Reddit to vent their frustration with it, and also have complaints about its utility when demonstrating certain features. So we felt it was time for a new set of data that could actually show off everything Logikcull has under the hood: Analytics, threading, Slack filters, dark data recognition, bulk redactions, A/V transcription -- the list goes on and on. 

Of course, creating a new set of data takes a lot of work. You need email exchanges, attachments, Slack chats, Box data, PII. And if you want to make it engaging and fun, you need to create entirely new characters, fleshed out and fully realized, and have a storyline that will keep people intrigued. So that’s what we did! This is world-building at its finest, people! 

According to the Infinite Monkey Theorem (which, by the way, is the new name for my experimental rock band), a monkey hitting random typewriter keys will eventually produce Shakespeare. In our case, it was three members of the Logikcull marketing team running dozens of gmail and Slack accounts.

This demo data is its own extended universe: Star-crossed lovers, corporate espionage, rampant conflicts of interest, heartfelt poetry readings, questionable bagel choices. It follows two competing cryptocurrency companies run by Julie Capulet and Roman Montague. Julie and Roman are balancing their duties as CEOs -- including keeping leashes on their extremely competitive heads of sales, Ty(balt) and Merc(utio) -- all while hiding the fact that they’ve been having an affair with the help of their assistants, Natalie Nurse and F. Laurence. 

Things come to a head when both companies are invited to a Slack workspace by the firm that represents them, Franklin Carlisle Kenneth Entwistle & Donsky (whose acronym may have been better served with a rearranging of the names on the door…). Due to some oversights, not all channels were made private, and let’s just say some company secrets get out that cause a rift between Julie and Roman. She even threatens to finally marry her poor, clueless fiancé Paul Paris. 

The data has enough easter eggs to fill the White House lawn. Besides all the Shakespeare characters you’ll encounter, there are nods to Legally Blonde, Nine Inch Nails, and deep-cut theater references that are sure to appeal to nobody:

Where my Tom Stoppard fans at?

And of course, it’s functional! Want to find some of those lovely poetry readings I mentioned? Use the audio/visual filter to search audio files that are automatically transcribed by Logikcull! For example, if you search the word “wolf,” it will take you to an audio file and show you exactly where in the file that word appears:

I highly recommend using this feature to find the moving rendition of “In This Twilight” recited by Franklin Carlisle associate and aspiring performer Chet Chutney. 

Maybe you want to find some evidence of the Roman/Julie affair. Obviously, looking at the content of their Slack chats could be enlightening. Slack is where all the good gos lives, after all. With Logikcull, you can easily filter Slack chats to only include their exchanges.

Of course, we all know that sliding into someone’s DMs isn’t the only way to show interest. Maybe you want to see times one of them reacted to the other’s message in Slack with, say, the heart eyes emoji (one of the top 5 most romantically incriminating emojis). Well, Logikcull has a filter for that too.

Looks like Roman and Julie were actually pretty careful with that one...

And of course, if you need to redact some PII, the set’s got you covered. For example, if you search for Helena Hacker’s phone number (706-555-5454), you’ll run across a whole document full of employee phone numbers, which you can bulk redact and label as PII with four clicks.

So, will Roman choose to leak information that could sink Julie’s company? Will Julie really elope with Paul in Toronto? And, most importantly, will Franklin Carlisle figure out its bagel crisis? Go forth and discover! And be sure to tell us what fun stuff you dig up (and if there’s anything more you’re looking for). 

Exit, pursued by a bear.

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