Are you human? Awesome? Smart? Let us know... We're hiring SDRs!!

Are you human? Awesome? Smart? Let us know... We're hiring SDRs!!

Have you ever thought to yourself, "One day I'd like to totally upend the legal profession with Legal Intelligence software"?

No. Of course not. Which is why the legal space is still ripe for disruption -- like, "You're Tower Records and we're Napster"-type disruption -- and why Logikcull is perfectly positioned to be that disruptive force.

The legal industry largely relies on old technology that's pretty boring, pretty clumsy, really insecure and extremely expensive. So, in this space, a sexy product that's easy to use, cost-effective, accessible, transparent and secure goes a heck of a long way. There's tons of opportunity to shake up the status quo, and to make a career out of it to boot.

Have we piqued your interest? Good. Because we're hiring.

Now Hiring: Hungry SDRs!

We're focused on building our sales development team to help us achieve the type of growth that landed us on the Inc. 500.

As a sales development representative, or SDR, you will be responsible for creating your own leads, finding new opportunities, and winning hearts and minds for Logikcull. The skills and knowledge you'll gain in this position will create the foundation for a long, successful career in sales -- but it will also give you a well-rounded experience that will set you apart in whatever you decide to do next.

We value culture fit over all else. So we're looking for professionals who are creative, hard-working, have an all-for-one attitude, and are eager to learn and create their own opportunities.

Logikcull is a global solution, for the biggest (and smallest) firms

Since launching in early 2013, has gone global. We have thousands of users in more than 32 countries on every continent except Antartica (we're working on it). Our happy customers include Fortune 500 companies, AM Law 200 law firms, major US cities and counties, some of the most respected non-profits, AND ALSO solo practitioners and small businesses that use Logikcull to compete with the "big boys and girls."

Our mission is to reveal what's in data so our customers can do the right thing. This is an important goal because -- guess what -- that process is super complex, super expensive and super time-consuming for legal professionals, and it creates bottlenecks and undue risks that can harm democracy, access to justice and even national security.

Yep, national security...

If you're someone who wants to make a difference with us, please reach out. You can send a resume and cover letter to me, Brent Starkey, Senior Manager of Business Development, at, or apply here. Looking forward to hearing from you.

Brent Starkey is the Senior Manager of Business Development at He enjoys coaching professionals on sales fundamentals that make successful reps. In his spare time, you can find him on the golf course or cruising through Sonoma County tasting all the great wines it has to offer. You can connect with him on LinkedIn here.

Want to see Logikcull in action? 

Let us show you how to make Logikcull can help you save thousands in discovery.

Want to see Logikcull in action? Let's chat.

Our team of product specialists will show you how to make Logikcull work for your specific needs and help you save thousands in records requests, subpoenas, and general discovery.