Introducing LogINKcull: For an Artisanal Legal Experience

Introducing LogINKcull: For an Artisanal Legal Experience

Today, you can begin a discovery project in seconds, from anywhere, on any device. You can quickly and easily search through enormous amounts of data and use powerful culling technology to bring massive data growth to heel. You can store your most sensitive documents in one secure place, protected by two-factor authentication and end-to-end encryption, in a mission critical data center. Innovative technology is transforming the discovery process from something expensive, risky, tedious, and expensive into something easy, secure, and instant.

But what have we lost in the process? Have we moved too far from eDiscovery's origins, from the way the craft was practiced and protected by attorneys for decades?

Meet LogINKcull: Bringing the Past to the Future of Discovery

For those who seek to return to traditional discovery without giving up the advancements of the modern era, Logikcull is happy to announce its newest offering: LogINKcull.

LogINKcull is a revolutionary approach to discovery, synthesizing discovery's pen and paper roots with the digital age. A sophisticated, physical printer, LogINKcull only prints digital documents from the Logikcull platform. That means your ESI can be gathered, uploaded, processed through more than 3,000 automated steps, then brought to life through one of the most advanced inkjet printers available in the discovery market.

Shining white printer on modern office desk

LogINKcull takes the best of past discovery processes and melds them seamlessly with today’s most cutting edge technology. LogINKcull uses proprietary paper, each piece of which contains a unique hash code. On ingestion, LogINKcull automatically reads each page’s code, leveraging the power of blockchain to confirm the authenticity of each sheet, making sure outside leaves leave LogINKcull’s secure printing environment.

LogINKcull's paper, delivered monthly in hand-crafted banker’s boxes, is specially sourced from sustainably managed forests, and comes with information on the forest, logger, and mill from which the paper was sourced.

Ink, Purpose-Crafted With Legal Professionals in Mind

LogINKcull’s proprietary paper is the perfect canvas for LogINKcull’s namesake feature: its ink. Logikcull has learned from the craft-inspired movement that is transforming the nation, reshaping the consumer experience from Brooklyn to San Francisco. This change has brought a new sense of artistry to everything from artisanal cheeses to artisanal bicycles. But while this trend has reshaped many industries, it has left the legal profession woefully behind.

Where are our tattooed baristas? Where are our Sarah-Lawrence-educated soap makers? Our small-batch blacksmiths? The answer: In LogINKcull.

A modern, artisanal legal professional

LogINKcull’s namesake ink is created by hand in San Francisco, by craftspeople who have perfected the art of refilling toner cartridges. Our ink brings to inkjet printing the equivalent care that goes into a the perfectly curated pour-over, single-origin coffee.

Why to Bring LogINKcull Into Your Firm

LogINKcull combines the best of cutting-edge technology with the hallmarks of an early 90’s doc review project. Among its benefits are:

  • Ease of Use: LogINKcull is already built into Logikcull. Just order your printer, wait for delivery, unpack, setup, load with LogINKcull paper, then click the “Print to LogINKcull” button to see your ESI in all its beautiful, tactile, physical forms.
  • Competitive Pricing: LogINKcull’s proprietary paper ensures some of the lowest cost-per-page prices in eDiscovery
  • Worry-Free Ordering: LogINKcull will send you new reams of our proprietary paper every month, but if you’ve got a particularly large printing project, you don’t have to worry about running out. Because LogINKcull’s blockchain-based authentication process tracks your paper usage on a distributed, public ledger, we will automatically know when you are running low and adjust your shipping schedule accordingly.
  • Full-Lifecycle Security: For a limited time, all LogINKcull customers will receive a limited edition shredder, the iDedupeToo, which only shreds LogINKcull paper.

Finally, for Those Who Want an Even More Personalized Approach: Scrivinr

Scrivinr is Logikcull’s first foray into the managed discovery services market. For law firms with the means and desire for the most authentic, archaic approach to legal services, Logikcull will send a genuine scrivener on site to copy documents by hand. A variety of handwriting styles and quill combinations are available. Contact your account executive for pricing and details.

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