Explosive new features now available in Logikcull, including dark mode, A/V transcription, SimDocs and more

Explosive new features now available in Logikcull, including dark mode, A/V transcription, SimDocs and more

June was an explosive month for Logikcull. Here are the new features we set off last month:

  • Dark Mode
  • Audio/Video Transcription with Voicetouch
  • Near-Dupe Identification with SimDocs
  • Full Page Redactions
  • Instant Review Upgrades
  • Hidden Comments QC Tag
  • Show Password Toggle

Dark Mode

Fact: The average Logikcull user is 25% more active after hours now than at this time 18 months ago, largely due to the changing nature of work and workspace. And if you’re culling at night, brightness is your enemy. Harder to focus. Higher risk of eyestrain. Higher risk of shooting molten beams from your retinas.

You, mid-review

So this is why we’re launching Dark Mode, to tell brightness to take a hike. And also because it looks awesome and will make you feel physically cooler (our statistics also show). Watch this…

For real, though, you'd have to be tagging docs in Lululemon from the passenger seat of a speeding Ferrari listening to that one-of-one Wu-Tang album only Martin Shkreli's heard to feel cooler. This is more scalable. DARK MODE IS HERE!

Audio/Video Transcription with Voicetouch

You know what’s WAY better than being able to play audio and video files within Logikcull’s doc reviewer? Logikcull making those files searchable. You know what you have to do to make Logikcull make those files searchable? Nothing. You have to do nothing. Upon ingestion, Logikcull will automatically transcribe the contents of the file, index the text, and make it available for search, such that it appears in global searches and is available for review at the document level. And you know what's way better than that, Logikcull Voicetouch: a feature that allows you to click on (i.e. “touch”) any word or passage in the transcript and automatically jump to the corresponding point in the A/V file. Check this out...

This feature is only available to subscription customers. To try it for free, please reach out to sales@logikcull.com.

Near-Dupe Identification with SimDocs

Every day, another 2.5 quintillion (18 zeros if you’re wondering) bytes of data is created. A lot of that data, especially in discovery, is duplicative or fragmental -- meaning, many docs you might review are very similar, but not exact. SimDocs lets you identify those near duplicates and automatically highlights the differences. It’s great for contract review, analyzing email threads, and determining which Michael Keaton was the original Michael Keaton. Watch this...

This feature is only available to subscription customers. To try it for free, please reach out to sales@logikcull.com.

Full Page Redaction

And now, for a disappearing act...

One-click full-page redactions are live in Logikcull. As with drag-over and bulk redactions, you can apply redaction labels that can then be exported as part of a redactions log. For more, check out our FAQ here

Instantly Reviewable Imageless Downloads

Inching ever closer to a world without suffering or load files, we’ve released an upgrade to InstantReview that lets you, um, instantly review downloads produced without image files. For sharing or producing parties, Logikcull’s automatic imaging of native files enables production QC of native-only downloads via a “self-share” -- that is, using the download share feature to send the production to yourself and re-open in Logikcull to see exactly what receiving parties will see. On the other side, users in receipt of a native-only Logikcull download may now open fully-rendered files instantly in the browser. Separately, you can instantly review a download where included images and Bates numbers have been previously produced. For a refresher on InstantReview and its use cases, check out our FAQ here.

Hidden Comments QC Tag

Logikcull now automatically flags PDFs containing comments or “sticky notes” with the “Has Hidden Comments” QC tag, which can be found in the QC tags filter in the filter carousel. PDFs tagged as such should be downloaded and reviewed natively. Coming soon: a “Has Hidden Post-It Comments” QC tag, which automatically reminds you to grab more oat milk even though, no, it was not actually on the list. And like, what are you a mind reader?

Show Password Toggle

We’ve added the “Eye of Providence,” an emblem of the Illuminati, to the login page. Clicking it will reveal your password, and the secrets to the universe.


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