Life’s a Breach: How Logikcull’s Upload-Only User Roles Help Prevent Hacking

Life’s a Breach: How Logikcull’s Upload-Only User Roles Help Prevent Hacking

Here’s a fun stat for you: One in four law firms has been hacked. Sorry, did I say “fun”? I meant “terrifying.” 

If a firm gets hacked and client information is stolen, severe consequences always follow. Beyond sanctions and reputational damage, firms can lose clients or even be forced to shut down. Losing your entire business is no joke.

Not to mention the fact that data breaches cost money. The global costs associated with data breaches rose significantly in 2021, as did the cost of cyber insurance. A costly data breach is the last thing any firm needs generally, but particularly right now. As you may have noticed, we’re having kind of a Sam and Diane thing with a potential recession, and cost-cutting is definitely a priority all over. 

The Issue With Cloud-Based Software

When firms conduct discovery, they have to get data from a bunch of different sources including clients, opposing parties, witnesses, etc. When multiple people are providing information to multiple attorneys, it takes time to get everything into one place. This means data that’s already been collected is just sitting there for long periods of time: And if it’s not sitting somewhere secure, it’s liable to get stolen. 

Uploading directly into cloud-based software may be more secure, but it can present its own challenges. Firms can grant custodians access to the software to upload directly, but sometimes this means custodians can access the whole project, including parts they shouldn’t see. Having too many people with full access to a project can make things just plain confusing and result in data being missed or the wrong document being sent out, which is dangerous. I mean, that’s exactly the kind of thing that kept Colin Hanks from getting into Stanford in the supremely underrated comedy classic Orange County

Colin Hanks is a national treasure and I will fight anyone who disagrees.

Upload-Only User Roles Mitigate Risk

You may not have Jack Black to (spoiler alert) burn down the admissions building for you, but if you have Logikcull, you now have the only discovery software to offer upload-only user roles

With Logikcull, you can now grant access to users only to upload files. This means they can upload information directly into Logikcull via an encrypted connection without accessing any other portion of a project. Have a witness with a bunch of docs? Upload-only user. Attorney at your firm have info you need, but they have to be screened from the project? Upload-only user. The data goes directly into a secure source where it’s kept safe from hackers, and since it’s available right away, you can start conducting billable discovery work sooner. More billable hours more quickly? Yes, please. 

And this feature isn’t just great for law firms. In house legal teams can also take advantage. If, for example, legal lacks the keys to information in Google Vault or MS365 because IT is holding them, legal can simply invite in IT to upload the data as an upload-only user. Need to perform a remote collection? Now you can…

So How Does It Work?

Elementary, my dear reader! If you’re an admin, just go into your project and hit the gear icon in the upper right corner to open your settings. From there, select “Users” from the dropdown menu. Then select “Add New User.” 

Now type in the email address of the user you want to add and hit “enter.” Then select “Limited User” under “User Type” and “Upload Only” under “Project Access” and voila! 

Increasing security and decreasing your workload really is that easy.  

If you’re interested in seeing upload-only user roles and our other great features in action, feel free to book a demo with us or start a free trial of Logikcull.

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