Logikcull CEO to Be Replaced by AI by 2024

Logikcull's CEO and co-founder Andy Wilson has announced that he will replace himself with AI within the next year.

Logikcull CEO to Be Replaced by AI by 2024

In a bold move that is sure to shake up the tech industry, Logikcull CEO Andy Wilson has announced that he will be replacing himself with artificial intelligence within the next year.

Wilson, who is also one of Logikcull's co-founders, believes that the move is necessary to stay ahead of the competition. "As CEO, it's my job to make tough decisions that will ensure Logikcull's continued success," he said. "And I truly believe that replacing myself with AI is the best decision for our company."

Wilson also announced that he plans to replace his beloved dog, Maz, with AI. “Since I work from home, Maz is part of the Logikcull team,” Wilson said. “He works hard to help boost morale, so I figured he deserves to retire too. Combining ourselves into a single AI will give us both a well-deserved break.”

The new CEO, who will be called "Andy Woofson," will be programmed with Wilson's extensive knowledge of the legal tech industry, as well as Maz's playful personality. "Woofson will be the perfect combination of brains and charm," Wilson said. "And because it's an AI, it will never get tired, never take a vacation, and never make mistakes."

The AI will also be equipped to tell jokes, but Wilson admits there’s some work to be done there. “So far, the best it’s come up with is, ‘Why did the robot cross the road? To get to the other motherboard.’ But give it a break, it’s an AI CEO with half a dog brain, not a comedian.”  

The decision has been met with some skepticism, with many wondering if an AI CEO will truly be able to connect with Logikcull's employees and customers. Wilson, however, is confident that Woofson will be a hit. "We've already programmed it to tell jokes and do tricks," he said. "Who wouldn't love a CEO like that?"

An Artist's rendering of new Logikcull CEO, Andy Woofson.

Logikcull's board of directors has yet to comment on the decision, but sources say that they are supportive of Wilson's plan. "If anyone can pull this off, it's Andy," one insider said. "And who knows? Maybe one day we'll all be reporting to robots."

Logikcull plans to roll out Woofson within the next year, and Wilson and Maz are expected to retire to a beach in Hawaii. "It's been a great run," Wilson said. "But it's time for us to step aside and let the machines take over."

This article was (mostly) written by ChatGPT.

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