Preserving Your Data, Your Budget, and Your Sanity with Logikcull Preserve

90% of data is noise… But you have to start somewhere. With unlimited storage at no additional charge, Logikcull Preserve helps you slash costs and time.

Preserving Your Data, Your Budget, and Your Sanity with Logikcull Preserve

Every day, 2.5 quintillion bytes of electronic data are created. That includes emails, chat messages, voicemails, spreadsheets — and even data about your booze of choice

There isn’t a single byte of that data that is not discoverable, and that’s not an exaggeration. The average discovery matter involves 100 GB of data, which can sound overwhelming when you think about document review time — and costs. But before you even start parsing through those files, you need to preserve them. 

Keeping all of your relevant data intact until your discovery process begins can become a costly nightmare that clogs all your systems and make your IT team reconsider their career path.

But does it have to be like that? 

That’s obviously a rhetorical question. Or at least, it became rhetorical the moment we released Logikcull Preserve.

Free Up Space & Lower Costs — While Preserving It All

In a nutshell, Logikcull Preserve allows you to upload and store unlimited data in Logikcull at no additional cost before you start processing it for discovery. 

This means that your documents don’t get automatically processed upon ingestion. It’s up to you when to process each data upload and start culling and reviewing your files. 

Logikcull Preserve in action

The key benefit of this feature is clear. First and foremost, it helps you reduce costs. By keeping all your discovery data in a secure cloud location, you can avoid exorbitant storage fees while keeping everything in a single place that’s just one click away from your regular doc review process. All you need is a Logikcull subscription, where you won't pay extra for storing your data.

But perhaps most importantly, Logikcull Preserve gives you peace of mind. Logikcull has best-in-class security standards that guarantee that your data is always protected from unauthorized access and readily accessible when you need it. 

Now, pair this feature with upload-only users, who only have permission to ingest information into the platform without getting it immediately processed, and you’re golden. 

But Logikcull Preserve also helps you save time as it lets you focus on other tasks without having to worry about managing large amounts of data or searching for important files you’ll later need for discovery. 

When you're ready to start searching and reviewing, all you need to do is click on “Start Processing.” That’s as hard as it gets.

Start processing your data when you need to

Stay in Control of Your Data — From Start to Finish

Logikcull Preserve goes one step further in helping you keep full control of your data throughout the lifetime of your matter. 

It all begins with a one-click data collection. With direct integrations with Slack, Google Vault, MS 365, and Box, you can pull files from your most used sources in seconds. 

Need to delete those files from the source to get some extra space? No problem! Logikcull Preserve will ensure your data stays unaltered until you start analyzing it. 

And the rest is history: Hit the button to start processing when you’re ready, and you'll trigger hundreds of processing steps that will remove duplicative files and organize all your data in filters like “email from,” “domain” or even “chat reaction,” so it gets ridiculously easy to search and analyze. 

In short, by using Logikcull Preserve in conjunction with the rest of Logikcull features, you can create a seamless and ultra-secure discovery workflow that keeps you covered — and in control — end to end. 

For more information on this feature, read our full support article here. If you’d rather see it in action — and with your own data —, request a demo with one of our product specialists today.

Want to see Logikcull in action? 

Let us show you how to make Logikcull can help you save thousands in discovery.

Want to see Logikcull in action? Let's chat.

Our team of product specialists will show you how to make Logikcull work for your specific needs and help you save thousands in records requests, subpoenas, and general discovery.