Logikcull welcomes ACEDS vet to its growing team

Logikcull welcomes ACEDS vet to its growing team

Logikcull is excited to introduce Robert Hilson to its content and marketing team. Robert is the former executive director of ACEDS, where he was responsible, among other things, for leading the editorial team that produced the award-winning bits + bytes newsletter and organizing ACEDS' annual conferences. At Logikcull, he will help spearhead content that helps promote our mission of making discovery easier, faster and more affordable for everyone.

He will also run point on CullCon, the Burning Man-meets-Dreamforce-meets-TED anti-Legal Tech user conference that celebrates the legal cloud and innovative law (Coming Spring 2016... Mark your calendars).

Logikcull and ACEDS share a lot of the same values -- a passion for making the legal system more just, for democratizing the exchange of information, for doing e-discovery better. So this is a perfect fit. Plus, Robbie has some industry-leading facial hair, which we said he could keep.

He will help Logikcull.com become a go-to outlet for ideas and conversations that poke at the legal-tech status quo and show people who have to deal with the hassles and costs of discovery how to make it more efficient. He would love to talk to you, regardless of who you are, if you share our passion for those issues -- or if you're just curious about what it is we do. Please drop him a line.

Here's a little background... Prior to joining ACEDS, Robert was a journalist who wrote for a variety of publications in and around Gainesville, Florida, where he earned a master's in mass communication at the University of Florida. He also worked for the San Francisco DIY music magazine, Performer, covering the coveted dank-dive-bar-on-a-weekday-night beat. He likes early-70s David Bowie, fermentation and running. He dislikes late-70s Bowie, beverages that end in "-ita," and long walks on the beach. He is getting married in November to his dream girl.

He can be reached at robert.hilson@logikcull.com. And he looks forward to meeting you if he hasn't already.

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