New in Logikcull: Massive Speed Gains, Smart Responsive Tags, iCal Support and More

New in Logikcull: Massive Speed Gains, Smart Responsive Tags, iCal Support and More

April 1st marked Logikcull's 8th birthday, Logik System's 17th year in business--and the day we begin rolling out the redesigned, improved Logikcull experience. (Most customers will see the new Logikcull version by the end of April. To learn more about the redesign, watch our Spring launch event here.)

But even while they're redesigning the product, our engineering, design, and product teams have been shipping out new features, fixes, and improvements throughout March. Here are the highlights from the past month:

  • App-Wide Speed Enhancements
  • Smart “Responsive” Tags
  • iCalendar support
  • Downloadable Redactions Summary Labels
  • Mappable Custodians for Data Copy
  • Fix: Tag-based Download Rules

The features and updates listed below will be available in the new Logikcull interface, along with:

  • More accessible, customizable search filters
  • Faster doc load time with Pre-Fetch technology
  • A streamlined search builder for complex searching
  • Simplified downloads and productions
  • A more efficient doc viewer interface with dual-monitor support
  • Quick PDF exports
  • Near-deduping and much more.

App-Wide Speed Enhancements

Have you noticed a little pep in Logikcull's step? Well, for good reason. We've enhanced the way Amazon Web Services processes metadata API calls, resulting in a 99% -- 99.9967% to be exact -- reduction in said calls. The upshot? Small performance improvements across the board, and BIG performance improvements for search. Search results now load 40% faster on average across all users, with some users experiencing speed improvements up to 60%. Here's what it looks like...





Smart "Responsive" Tags

Once we lived in a world where reviewers could tag a document as both responsive and non-responsive, leading many an impressionable doc to question the true nature of their identities. But that time has passed. And today, when either tag is applied, its opposite is automatically disabled.

Here's how it works...

Smart responsive

iCalendar Support

Ticking away the moments that make up a dull day, you fritter and waste the hours in an offhand way. But at least now Logikcull supports calendar files -- be they exports from Google Calendar, Yahoo! Calendar, IBM Notes, Apple Calendar, Microsoft Outlook or Office 365. iCalendar support is here. This paragraph is over. Thought I’d something more to say.

Downloadable Redaction Label Summaries

You’ll remember from last month’s update that labels applied to redactions may now be automatically generated in a spreadsheet column, similar to how one would generate a privilege log. With this release, redaction label summaries -- page-by-page descriptions of redactions applied to each document -- may now be included as a field in load files from the downloads wizard. Here’s a peek...


Sample DAT file:

Sample data file

Mappable Custodians for Data Copy

Users copying data from one project to another using the Data Copy feature will now experience more reliable custodian mapping. You’ll also have more discretion over which custodians to map over to the new project, where formerly all custodians associated with the original upload would be automatically ported over.

Fix: Tag-Based Download Rules Display

At the furthest ends of the platform in a nether region known only to the most adventurous souls, entombed under the name of the downloaded production yet within a grasping arm’s reach of the download’s stats, there lies a small yet powerful prompt that holds the keys to an unseen realm of metadata.

R Hilson Production01

Anyway, if you've included images with tag-based rules in there, that description is no longer jacked up!

Keep your eyes out for even more exciting developments in the weeks ahead!

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