New Logikcull-Clio Integration Brings Together Two Leaders of the eDiscovery Software

New Logikcull-Clio Integration Brings Together Two Leaders of the eDiscovery Software

Things just got easier for legal professionals looking to streamline their practice management and eDiscovery processes. Today, Logikcull unveiled it’s new integration with Clio, the leading cloud-based legal practice management software. Logikcull’s new Matter Mirroring integration will allow lawyers and legal professionals to create a new project in either Logikcull or Clio and have it replicated across platforms instantly.

The partnership brings together two pioneers of the legal cloud. Clio was one of the first companies to bring practice management software to the cloud, way back in 2008, when cloud computing was still in its infancy. Today, Clio’s software is used by more than 175,000 legal professionals, who can take care of their cases, invoices, timekeeping, and now eDiscovery from anywhere, on any device.

Consistent with the ease and efficiency that characterize cloud computing, Logikcull’s new Clio integration will allow users to further simplify their matter management and eDiscovery processes. The integration comes as the volume of information involved in legal disputes continues to grow and as eDiscovery moves into practice areas where it was previously rare.

With Matter Mirroring, legal professionals can create a new project in Logikcull from an existing matter in Clio with just the click of a button. Alternatively, users can also create matters in Clio based off existing projects in Logikcull—instantly and without having to enter duplicate information.

The partnership promises to help Clio users bring in larger cases, bigger clients, and generate more billable hours by reducing the inefficiencies, costs, and risks associated with eDiscovery. Operating as a force-multiplier, the cloud allows legal professionals to perform and bill for work that would otherwise be outsourced to vendors, allowing them to retain more work in-house. Firms can use cloud-based legal services to multiply their resources, increase the value of support staff, reduce time to review and firm write offs, and surpass larger competitors.

The Matter Mirroring integration makes that process even more beneficial, allowing attorneys to move seamlessly between practice management and eDiscovery, without friction or downtime.

You can learn more about the integration here. And if you happen to be in New Orleans for the Clio Cloud Conference, going on now, be sure to check out Logikcull CEO Andy Wilson on Tuesday, as he explains how small and mid-sized firms can “10x” their discovery game and capture more billable hours.

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