New Webinar on Social Media and the Law

New Webinar on Social Media and the Law

There are now nearly three billion active social media users across the world. That’s almost half the global population, regularly commenting on the news, networking online, and, yes, uploading pictures of their lunch. But the numbers are even more stark when you realize that only 3.2 billion people have access to the internet.

That means, on a global scale, that virtually anyone who is online is on social media. And they’re creating tweets, images, and status updates that could make or break your next case—a profusion of social media ESI that’s changing the way we practice law.

This continued rise of social media is posing significant and novel issues that legal professionals and courts are grappling with. How are social media messages accessed and preserved for litigation? What are the information governance implications, and potential liabilities, that can stem from a company’s Twitter account or an employee’s Facebook usage? And how are attorneys supposed to make sense of a 😍  or a 💩, when emojis are working their way into everyday communication, on social networks and off?

Join Logikcull September 6th, as we host a webinar exploring these issues and more, featuring leading experts in the field.

Attendees will learn:

-- Best practices for preserving and producing social media evidence in litigation.

-- How social media is working its way into the discovery process and how courts are reacting.

-- Ethical pitfalls that can arise when dealing with social media.

-- How emojis are changing the legal practice today and how they’ll continue to alter the profession in the future.

Presenters include some of the leading names in the field: John Isaza, of Rimon Law, Eric Goldman of Santa Clara University, and Aryan Kushan of American University.


John Isaza is a partner at Rimon Law (and friend of the blog), a leading information governance expert, past chair of the ABA’s Social Media Law Subcommittee and current chair of the ABA’s Consumer Privacy and Data Analytics Subcommittee (both part of the Business Law Section). Isaza is also Editor in Chief and contributing author for the forthcoming “Handbook on Global Social Media Law for the Business Lawyer.”


Eric Goldman is a professor of law at the Santa Clara University School of Law, where he is also director of the High Tech Law Institute. Goldman’s research and teaching focuses on internet law, intellectual property and marketing law. In addition to his teaching, he writes the well respected Technology and Marketing Law Blog and is currently working on a paper on emojis and the law, surveying the way emojis are impacting the legal system.


Aryan Kushan is an adjunct professor at American University’s Washington College of Law. Kushan’s academic interests include current and emerging technologies in the legal profession and the intersection between social media and the law.

This is a trio not to be missed.

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