Now Available: Webinar on Social Media and the Law

Now Available: Webinar on Social Media and the Law

Over the past decade, social media has drastically changed how individuals interact and share information, with hundreds of millions of Americans using social media every day. Those posts, tweets, and snaps are increasingly impacting the practice of law, whether it's disputes over how deep lawyers can pry into a party's Facebook history, how best to discover and preserve social media ESI, or questions over how to interpret a 😒.

Yesterday, Logikcull hosted a webinar addressing the novel and increasingly important legal issues raised by social media.

John Isaza, partner at Rimon law and Editor in Chief of the recently released "Handbook on Global Social Media Law for the Business Lawyer," discussed the use of social media ESI in litigation and discovery, surveying recent caselaw on issues such as proportionality, the effect of privacy settings, and more.

Aryan Kushan, of American University’s Washington College of Law, provided an overview of best practices with social media evidence, as well as ethical issues practitioners need to keep in mind.

Finally, Eric Goldman, professor of law and director of the High Tech Law Institute at Santa Clara University School of Law, gave an insightful look at the issues emojis are creating for lawyers and courts.

It was a webinar not to be missed—but if you missed it, you can still partake after the fact. A recording of the webinar is below, along with a copy of the presentation slides.

Click here to download the slides via SlideShare.

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