Find PII Instantly — Without Looking at a Single Document

Find PII Instantly — Without Looking at a Single Document

Today, Personal Identifiable Information, or PII, is everywhere.

It's in emails, Slack messages, videos, PDFs, etc., and finding it among the morass of electronic data your organization generates can be quite the challenge. 

However, not finding it can actually turn into a much bigger challenge. If you accidentally include data like bank account numbers, mailing addresses, or names in your production when you aren’t supposed to, you can face serious consequences that may be hard, if not impossible, to undo.

That's why Logikcull just released PII Detection, so you can automatically identify any kind of PII and ensure you're complying with relevant privacy regulations.

Let’s see how it works!

Manual PII Identification: A Thing of the Past

If you’re in charge of data analysis or document review for a case, chances are you have better things to do with your time than combing through documents page by page, looking for PII, and redacting every piece of PII one by one. 

Drafting that brief you’ve been putting off, making a phone call to cranky opposing counsel, or getting a root canal with no anesthesia while “Baby Shark” plays on repeat all sound like more appealing activities than manual PII identification. 

The alternative so far was to send it to outside counsel or a vendor to do that tedious work for you, which, obviously, comes with a cost. A ridiculously high cost. 

However, if you were a Logikcull user (great choice!) and you knew the specific PII contained in your data set, you could search for it using relevant keywords or filters, find all documents that contained PII and redact them with a click. 

But what if there was PII you were not aware of lurking somewhere in the sea of documents you had to review? Exactly. You’d still need to rely on that painstaking manual review. Woof.

PII Detection: The Key to Data Privacy Compliance

It’s time to leave the days of manual reviews behind you. Logikcull now automatically applies a “PII Detected” QC tag to any documents in which PII is detected with a 75% or greater confidence level. You can then hone in on those documents so you can review the potential PII and redact it where appropriate.

Subscription customers can take this process one step further.

Logikcull can not only detect that PII exists, it can also detect what type of PII it is — phone number, address, name, etc. — so you can filter by PII type to find exactly what you’re looking for. 

This feature can be a game-changer for your business as it helps you to safeguard sensitive data and comply with relevant privacy regulations — without making your discovery process more burdensome.

Bulk Redact PII by Type

But there’s yet one more perk about this great feature: You can also bulk redact PII with Logikcull. Just select the type of PII you need to hide, hit bulk redact, and you’re all set!

Now go ahead and schedule that root canal, you’re out of excuses…

For more information on this feature, read our full support article here. If you’d rather see it in action — and with your own data —, request a demo with one of our product specialists today.

Want to see Logikcull in action? 

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Want to see Logikcull in action? Let's chat.

Our team of product specialists will show you how to make Logikcull work for your specific needs and help you save thousands in records requests, subpoenas, and general discovery.