Power Up Your Discovery Game this Spring with Logikcull

Power Up Your Discovery Game this Spring with Logikcull

On March 15th at 1 p.m. Eastern / 10 a.m. Pacific, Logikcull will be hosting “Power Up,” our Spring Launch Event, where you’ll gain admin superpowers, uplevel your discovery tactics, and supercharge your workflows. 

From the developers that brought A/V Transcription with Voicetouch, Chat Filters, and Inclusive Email QC Tags to life comes a multi-level admin adventure where you, our intrepid hero, square off against the most challenging bosses yet: Deadlines, Delays and Manual Tasks!

We’ll go over how eDiscovery’s extreme costs, complexity, and unpredictability are still enemies to our justice system and how Logikcull is working to democratize discovery and power you up to be in control of your own data, timelines, and legal spend. 

We’ll take a look at usage statistics that paint a clear picture of how the proliferation of end users and widespread remote workforces are creating new challenges for admins, and will reveal a host of new features to empower you to manage teams and projects more seamlessly. 

End-users will also discover new ways to streamline workflows and cull the noise of exploding data volumes. 

You don’t want to miss it, especially if you’re a project or account admin in Logikcull. 

Click on the link below to save your spot today.

Power Up: Spring Launch Event

Tuesday, March 15



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Logikcull + MS365

Logikcull integrates seamlessly with Office 365 for incredibly fast, always reliable cloud-to-cloud eDiscovery.

logikcull + ms365

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