What You Missed at Power Up: Awesome Features + A Surprise Announcement

What You Missed at Power Up: Awesome Features + A Surprise Announcement

Yesterday, hundreds of legal and IT professionals gathered virtually for "Power Up," Logikcull's Spring Launch Event. 

This time, we embarked on a retro gaming-themed adventure where Logikcull Co-Founder and CEO, Andy Wilson, highlighted recent usage trends across more than 50,000 Logikcull users, exposed three key discovery challenges, and unveiled several product innovations designed to power up Logikcull customers.

You can watch the entire presentation below or keep reading for a quick recap of everything we covered:

A One-To-Many Problem

Discovery today is like an online multiplayer game. Just think about all the different users, vendors, expert witnesses, outside counsel, or co-counsel that you need to manage for each discovery project. It can get out of hand pretty quickly.

All of this poses a particularly big challenge for Logikcull admins, who are in charge of running the show for an increasingly large user base, with data volumes that explode by the second. 

These challenges are better illustrated by some of our user stats: 

Since 2019, Logikcull’s user base has increased by 163%, and the number of users involved in multiple projects has grown by 212% (some users are active in up to 50 different projects!). The number of users in multiple accounts has also increased by 238%. 

At the same time, in-house teams have created 83% more projects over the past three years as the use cases handled internally have expanded to cover everything from subpoena responses to internal investigations, DSARs, audits, and more.

On top of more users, more projects, and more data—and more complex data, too—Logikcull admins are also dealing with a shifting workplace reality due to the pandemic, which has pushed almost 50% of people to work from home, where internet bandwidth is potentially less reliable.

Four Features To Uplevel Your Discovery Game 

Upgraded User and Custodian Management

Adding multiple new users into Logikcull manually, one at a time, is no one’s idea of a well-spent  Friday afternoon.

With upgraded user management capabilities, you’ll be able to add as many new users as you need and assign privileges in bulk in seconds. Plus, any new user you create will be added to your “Address Book,” your new one-stop-shop for user management across projects and accounts. 

Managing custodians for matters and legal holds is about to get much simpler, too. You’ll see at a glance how many projects and legal holds a custodian is involved in, and have the ability to edit any relevant information with the click of a button.

iWork File Support

Support for iWork, Apple’s alternative to Office productivity tools, is on the horizon. Upload any Pages, Numbers, or Keynote files into your project and they will be processed, indexed, and rendered as an image.

Upgraded Doc Viewer

Did you know that ⅓ of those online don’t have access to high-speed internet? 

These days, having a smooth document review experience shouldn’t depend on your bandwidth. So, after a complete rebuild, Logikcull’s doc viewer is getting 200x faster. Not a typo. 

We won’t let van-life internet get in the way of your document review ever again!

Streamlined Downloads

As an admin, exporting your data from Logikcull can get tricky—especially when you have complex criteria for how to sort data. 

With advanced sorting capabilities, you can now group your files by any relevant metadata like tags, custodians, file paths, etc., and get it out of Logikcull in just a few clicks. 

Every admin’s dream just came true.

All these features will be available for all Logikcull users by the end of March. If you'd like to learn more, please contact sales@logikcull.com.

Bonus: Logikcull AI

At Logikcull, we’ve democratized discovery. Now, we’re disrupting the next frontier of overly complex and costly processes: Technology-assisted review/predictive coding/CAL/[insert jargony acronym of choice].  

Logikcull’s built-in AI, Suggested Tags, will learn from your tagging decisions and offer tag suggestions that you’ll be able to apply individually or in bulk so you can get through your doc review faster.

Powerfully simple AI doesn’t require you to learn statistical models or break your budget; just click and go. 

Here’s an overview:

Want to be the first to test it out? Get early access to Suggested Tags by shooting us an email at ai@logikcull.com.

Want to see Logikcull in action? 

Let us show you how to make Logikcull can help you save thousands in discovery.

Want to see Logikcull in action? Let's chat.

Our team of product specialists will show you how to make Logikcull work for your specific needs and help you save thousands in records requests, subpoenas, and general discovery.