Preventing another Cravath or Weil...

Preventing another Cravath or Weil...

A message to the Logikcull community

by Andy Wilson, Logikcull CEO

By now you’ve read the news about the hacking incident at Cravath and Weil Gotshal. If you haven’t, here’s a link to the WSJ article.

In short, both law firms were hacked and sensitive information was compromised.

While this is terrible news for Cravath, Weil Gotshal, and their many clients, the fact this happened at two major law firms should be a major wakeup call for the rest of the legal world. If it can happen at Cravath, an AM Law 100 firm with enormous resources, it can happen anywhere.

So I wanted to take a few minutes of your time to talk about what this means for your data security in Logikcull. And at the bottom of this email are links to a few resources that I hope will be helpful in raising awareness about data security within your organization.

Data security is one of the many reasons we built Logikcull. Because we saw a very low bar when it came to data security for discovery. Although discovery is just one of many core processes inside a law firm, it is critical and full of sensitive information.

In 2009, when we set out to build Logikcull, there was…

  • No data encryption for discovery apps
  • No automated and encrypted data backups or redundancy
  • No ironclad chain of custody
  • No SSL-at-all-times
  • No standards for processing data

Except for the occasional encrypted hard drive, there was virtually no data security for discovery.

When we visited potential customers we saw passwords on post-it notes glued to a screen, sensitive evidence for bet-the-farm cases in the form of hard drives/DVDs/CDs just sitting on someone’s desk ready to be taken away, and antiquated technology that was built before the age of the internet. Before cybersecurity was even a word.

This, on top of the major issues with e-discovery cost, product usability, and speed, were glaring weaknesses for something incredibly critical to the judicial system: discovery.

This needed to be solved. We could do better. We had to.

With Logikcull, we wanted to build a solution that gave you best in class data security with Facebook-like ease of use. Making something powerfully simple is neither quick or simple to do. It shouldn’t be. It took us 4 years to build Logikcull.

And the mission continues. We have to continue our mission on building a solution for you that is both highly secure and powerfully simple. This is an endless mission. Discovery isn’t going away. Hackers aren’t going away. Discovery is getting more complicated with more and more data moving to the Cloud. And more data sources popping up because of that (i.e. How do you safely collect data from Slack, Dropbox, Snapchat…and then make sense of all the emoticons and animated GIFs? <—these are just some of the challenges you will face and that we have to solve for you).

While we’ve raised the data security and ease of use bars by building a solution that has:

  • Data encryption at rest and at the file-level
  • Automatic data backups that are also encrypted
  • Ironclad chain of custody where actions are tracked and easily audited
  • SSL-at-all-times so your data transmissions are secure…

We still have more to do. And we always will. Facilitating a seamless and secure discovery experience is our job. You trust us with your most sensitive data and we take that trust very, very seriously.

So I thought it would be helpful if I shared some resources with you. Because I know we can all do better with data security and processes. If improving data security standards isn’t on your Q2 or even Q3 project list, maybe these resources will help prioritize data security within your business, your friend’s business, and the like:

What if your law firm is the next Ashley Madison?

eDiscovery is the next frontier for hackers, as major law firms now know

The Logikcull status/trust site where you can see how Logikcull is operating in real-time

Thank you for taking the time to read this and thank you for trusting Logikcull to handle your discovery.

Andy Wilson

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