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Protecting Data in the Age of Cybercrime: CLE Webinar Now Available

March 8, 2017  |  1 min read

Data cycle

There's a common adage among cybersecurity professionals: data is at it's most vulnerable when it's in motion. Well, eDiscovery is a process of motion. And it's also a process of replication. Under the EDRM-driven model of eDiscovery, data is transferred, shared and copied repeatedly, often with no log of who touched it or where it resides. Really, it's an ideal workflow -- for hackers, that is.

Earlier today, Logikcull hosted an ACEDS webinar highlighting some of the common, but underappreciated risks associated with eDiscovery, why those risks just now seem to be coming to light, and how, in the age of cybercrime and data breach, forward thinking attorneys are taking advantage of modern technology, access controls and the cloud to secure their most sensitive materials.

Aseem Gupta, Senior Corporate Counsel at, who spoke on the panel, frames the discussion this way:

"Everybody does their best to protect data, and everybody knows their place in this chain. But the more times you replicate data, which is happening constantly, the more chances there are for the process to break down."

The recording and slides are available below. To submit this presentation for CLE credit, please email Robert Hilson at

Download slide deck