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ShareSafe Webinar Now Available - Eliminate the #1 Risk in Modern Litigation

January 27, 2017  |  1 min read

Share safe blog banner 3- Burn the DvDs on fire

Recording and slides are available below. 

Security experts have a favorite saying: data is most vulnerable when it's in motion. Discovery, unfortunately, is a process of motion, where information and documents are shared between client, counsel, third-party service providers and opposing parties. Often, this data is exchanged on physical media (i.e. hard drives, DVDs) or through insecure methods like unencyrpted email. It's a risky, time-consuming and expensive process.

With ShareSafe from Logikcull, it has been eliminated.

ShareSafe is the final piece in the creation of a closed-loop Legal Intelligence platform that ensures end-to-end security through the entirety of the discovery process. In this webinar, Logikcull CEO Andy Wilson explains the data risk associated with common legal processes like e-discovery, internal investigations and subpoena response, and addresses:

  • How to identify and avoid risks associated with sharing data insecurely
  • How to reduce the time associated with document productions by 90%
  • How to create a discovery workflow that eliminates existing breach points

Watch the webinar and grab the slides below.

If you'd like to learn more about how you can protect your data in litigation from encroaching cyber risks, check out our free data security whitepaper below.