Sneak Peek: Results From Logikcull's 2020 Corporate In-Housing Survey

Sneak Peek: Results From Logikcull's 2020 Corporate In-Housing Survey

For the past few months, Logikcull has been taking a peek into the in-house operations of over 40 major organizations, surveying in-house professionals on how they're handling discovery, investigations, and more. Thanks to their candid responses, Logikcull, in conjunction with the Association of Certified eDiscovery Professionals, has put together the inaugural Corporate In-Housing Survey, a benchmarking guide to litigation and discovery, outside counsel management, and cost reduction.

This survey gives insights into everything from the typical in-house litigation docket to the most effective cost-control strategies, to the impact of discovery costs on case strategy.

Logikcull's 2020 Corporate In-Housing Survey
You can't get the report yet—but you can preview the results at Logikcull's upcoming webinar

It's hot on the presses. That's right; we're still finalizing the report before releasing it to the public. But for those who want a preview of what's inside, and a healthy dose of explanatory commentary, Logikcull and ACEDS are hosting a webinar next week to review the early results of the survey.


Join us on Tuesday, March 3 at 10 am Pacific, 1 pm Eastern as we discuss:

  • The most effective cost control measures—including those that are surprisingly underutilized
  • The greatest barriers to bringing more work in-house (Hint: They might not be what you expect!)
  • How in-house legal teams are managing outside counsel and what's most likely to make them pushback on costs
  • Where in-house teams see their discovery and investigations process going in the next five years
  • And much more!

I'll be joined on the webinar by Logikcull's Sr. Director Robert Hilson and Katie Lynch, Director of Legal Support at Veolia North America. Veolia has been at the forefront of in-housing for nearly two decades, and Lynch is sure to provide an illuminating insider's perspective on the trends that are reshaping approaches to discovery and litigation.

We hope to see you there next Tuesday! If you can't make that time, feel free to register anyway—we'll send you a recording afterward.

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