The Best Logikcull Features of 2015

The Best Logikcull Features of 2015

Logikcull is building the most powerful, most efficient, most accessible, and easiest to use Discovery Automation tool. Check out this year’s product highlights.

You may have noticed that, unlike some of our competitors, we don't "unveil" or "roll out" new versions of our latest software. There is no Logikcull Accelerate Superwhizbang v. 9.3, and we won’t be announcing it on the eve of LegalTech.

This is by design. Logikcull is a pure cloud product, which means a) there is no lag time between when we complete a software update and when it becomes available to our customers b) you don't have to update your account to have access to the latest features -- they're just there, and, c) we are constantly updating the platform to make it faster, cleaner, and more powerful and user-friendly.

It's hard to quantify just how important that distinction is, or how different than the run-of-the-mill e-discovery providers that makes us. For one, our customers are always on the best version of Logikcull, and we provide in-app notifications to alert users when a new feature is available. Compare that with the typical on-premise tools that must be ripped out every 12 months or so, reinstalled (to the chagrin of IT), and relearned (to the chagrin of everyone else). With Logikcull, there is no down time, which means there is no loss of productivity, which means there are no missed deadlines, which means there are no angry clients.

You get the point.

Logikcull also stands out from its competitors in that it is not a frankenstein of pieced together apps. It a proprietary tool built by our world-class engineers and designers from the ground up. So there are no connectors, extensions, plug-ins or add-ons. We don't use a Nuix processing engine and a Relativity review platform. We're not a mouse with a human ear.

We're just Logikcull -- through and through.

By our product team's count, we've added upward of a dozen substantive features in 2015, to go along with nearly two dozen enhancements to pre-existing features and essential infrastructural improvements that, while they may go unnoticed by some (that's often the point...), lay the groundwork for more processing horsepower, review speed and user bandwidth.

Here are a handful of the most important and why they matter to you. After all, a feature is just a feature unless it delivers value.


What It Is: Instant Review Sets gives you the ability to divide large data sets instantaneously so they can be quickly distributed among users. User retains access to Logikcull’s full spectrum of Culling Intelligence tools, so each can quickly drill down on a subset of data. In effect, this distributes the power of early data assessment across the team.

Why It Matters: You may be thinking, "How is this different than batching?" Good question. Traditional batching generally entails manually dividing up a larger set of documents among reviewers and having those reviewers check-in and check-out subsets to avoid duplication of work and overlap. Logikcull's real-time activity log and collaboration features obviate those concerns, because they allow each user to see what the others are doing -- and what work has already been completed.

Batching can also be a guessing game, where administrators have to estimate minimum batch sizes to be distributed to reviewers and then "push out" the remainder of documents that have not been distributed. By comparison, Logikcull tells you how many documents will be distributed to each reviewer before the review set is split. It is also not uncommon with traditional tools for reviewers to whom subsets are distributed to lose visibility into that data or the analytical capabilities to which only the admin has access.

In a traditional document review, reviewers receive batches of documents that they must tediously analyze one document at a time in a linear fashion. The best reviewers may only get through 100 documents in a hour. This slow process comes at a high cost ranging from one to ten dollars per-document reviewed.

With Instant Review Sets, each reviewer has the full power of Logikcull's Culling Intelligence and advanced analysis at his or her fingertips. This divide-and-conquer approach has yielded up to tenfold increases in reviewer productivity for some of our customers.

Screen Shot 2016-01-04 at 9.26.43 AM


What It Is: Granted this isn't a "feature" per se, but an important improvement nonetheless. To accommodate the rapid expansion of Logikcull's customer base and the attendant growth of data, Logikcull moved to Amazon Web Services (AWS) to leverage its Simple Storage Service and Elastic Cloud Compute.

AWS is the same scalable cloud storage infrastructure that powers's own global e-commerce empire. It provides high performance, highly available storage that makes it easy to scale and maintain cost-effective mobile and Internet-based apps, like Logikcull, that run fast. With AWS, unlimited amounts of data can be added to Logikcull, and the platform can be accessed from anywhere. The result is faster deployment to more customers at a lower cost to them.

Why It Matters: To paraphrase John Berry, Logikcull Product Manager, AWS flattens the valleys and peaks in performance into smooth rolling plains -- plains you cruise through at 90 mph. It is a more efficient, more elastic, and more cost-effective computing environment that translates to the end user as more processing horsepower and faster time to review. AWS also provides an added layer of security, storing each piece of data in three physical locations for maximum redundancy and encrypting every file uniquely.


What It Is: Document Activity is a collaboration feature that automatically tags actions performed on a document, when it was performed, and by whom. It essentially serves as an in-app metadata field that updates in real-time to eliminate duplicated efforts and help every project participant keep tabs on the activities of others. For example, if one reviewer, Shawn, flags a document as responsive, the Document Activity field associated with that document will update immediately to show how Shawn tagged the document and when.

Why It Matters: Courts have pounded litigants for operating with "too many cooks in the kitchen"and for having "aright hand that doesn't know what the left is doing." Document Activity helps organize document reviews and eliminate redundant activities. In a complex project with many users, this is critical. Document Activity also plays an important role in documenting quality, due diligence and chain of custody. In the event review practices are ever called into question, Document Activity acts as the audit trail to which you can point to show good faith efforts.


What It Is: Moving projects on and offline can be a time and labor intensive process that puts the integrity of project data at risk. With a single click, Logikcull customers can archive matters securely, retaining all the metadata, chain of custody activity, coding decisions and user activity associated with the matter. Archived matters never leave the Logikcull ecosystem, so users know their matters are secure and readily accessible if and when they must be reactivated or referenced.

Why It Matters: The upshot for customers is that Logikcull eliminates the risk and time associated with typically insecure, onerous archival processes. With Logikcull, dormant matters can be archived in a matter of minutes, and brought back to life just as quickly. Our customers, should they want it, have a library of matters at their fingertips without assuming the costs and capacity associated with keeping matters active.


Screen Shot 2016-01-04 at 9.31.35 AM

What It Is: Logikcull's streamlined document reviewer, which we built from scratch in HTML5, replaces a previous incarnation that prepared documents for redaction less quickly. While the old process generally only took a few seconds per document, redacting documents could become tedious over the course of a long review. With Real-Time Redactions, documents are ready to redact as soon as they load, which is instantly.

Why It Matters: Real-time Redactions was built for maximum speed and efficiency. In addition to the new user-friendly interface, when you save a redaction, the “Has Redactions” QC Tag will automatically be applied. This makes it a breeze to quickly find all documents with redactions. Just click “Has Redactions” in the Tags filter. In future updates, we’ll add more redactions features, including annotations, different color redactions, and the grand-daddy of them all: bulk redacting via keyword search. Because we built our own document viewer, we have full control over what features and functionality we can create -- so we can easily incorporate feedback from our customers.

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