The End of Hosting Fees: Why Logikcull Is Getting Rid of Per-GB Hosting

The End of Hosting Fees: Why Logikcull Is Getting Rid of Per-GB Hosting

eDiscovery pricing is broken. In a world of ever-growing data, legal professionals are faced with an ever-growing signal-to-noise problem, forced to cull through more and more data to find the information that matters. Sifting through that data is only part of the problem, though—and one eDiscovery companies are working furiously to solve.

Data growth also poses a corollary challenge—one that’s just as urgent but which few discovery software companies are addressing: the cost of hosting that data during the life of a matter. But while the industry largely ignores this problem, legal professionals—and their clients—feel it acutely. Predicting the size of data and recurring hosting fees were ranked as the top two discovery cost challenges by the more than 100 firms that participated in Logikcull’s new eDiscovery Billing and Cost Recovery Survey.

That hosting fees are a major discovery pain point shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone who has received an invoice from an eDiscovery vendor. Under a typical monthly, per-GB hosting fee model, legal teams can face five-figure hosting costs even for projects of modest size—every month for the life of the project.

These expenses drive up the cost of legal services, add unnecessary variables to cost predictability, and, ultimately, hinder the administration of justice. They simply aren’t sustainable.

That’s why Logikcull has released a per-matter pricing model that brings much-needed predictability and sustainability to today’s discovery and investigation processes. Logikcull CEO and Co-Founder Andy Wilson explains below.

Why Logikcull Is Stamping Out Hosting Fees: A Message From Andy Wilson

For too long, eDiscovery has been a process that is slow, risky and expensive. At Logikcull, we don't believe in eDiscovery, but Instant Discovery. Our mission is to make discovery fast, secure, and affordable for everyone.

That's why we're eliminating per-gigabyte hosting fees.

As the volume of data rises dramatically in even the smallest cases, we feel that charging for data storage is no longer sustainable. With your support, we’ve been able to realize major efficiencies in our technology and in our business. As a result, we now pay fractions of a penny to host a gigabyte of data. It’s only fair to pass those savings on to you.

About 18 months ago, we raised $25 million from a top-tier VC to make our mission of democratizing discovery a reality. How can we pass on the savings of cloud to our thousands of customers? How can we make something so completely unpredictable absolutely certain? How can we eliminate the data hosting fees model that has plagued this industry for a decade?

These are the hard questions we asked ourselves as we set out to build the team and technology that would create the answers. Through months of research and development, we’ve relentlessly focused on infrastructural and platform improvements that double down on our core product mission.

Today is an important milestone for Logikcull. We're announcing per-matter pricing: a perfectly predictable model that leverages the innate cost savings of cloud-native solutions and passes them on to our customers.

This is the next big leap in democratizing discovery. Now, even as the volume of data in disputes and investigations continues to grow, organizations of all types have access to affordable discovery.

It’s time to put an end to data-based hosting fees once and for all.

Learn more about how Logikcull is solving the problem of growing data, cost predictability, and eDiscovery itself by visiting Logikcull’s pricing page.

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