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This T-Shirt Will Get You Dismissed from Court

August 30, 2014  |  0 min read


You know this is what you’re thinking whenever you file your motion, right? Come on now. Admit it. ;-)

This t-shirt is almost guaranteed to get you kicked out of court at the drop of a gavel. Try and see.

Buy the Motion To Dimiss t-shirt here:

note: We,, design these shirts. But we make no money from them. We just love designing nerdy legal t-shirts (who doesn't amirite?!). The shirts are printed and sold through Zazzle. And we have it setup so that 10% of your purchase automatically goes to charity: Martha's Table, a Washington DC charity that provides healthy food, affordable clothing, and quality education so DC residents in need can build a better future.

So, not only will you look super-amazing-awesome in your new legal swag, but you'll also feel awesome-amazing-super for giving back to charity. Now, how awesome is that?