[Video] In-House Legal Leaders Discuss Moving to the Front Lines of Business

[Video] In-House Legal Leaders Discuss Moving to the Front Lines of Business

Last month, we announced the launch of our “In-House” video series. The series grew out of the exciting, edifying, and inspiring conversations we were having with the industry leaders we speak to on a near-daily basis. So we grabbed the camera and started filming, focusing on the trends that animate successful legal professionals and drive innovation across the legal field.

Since launching the series, we’ve spoken with Rob Shives, Bob Ambrogi, and Jordan Ritenour—with plenty more on the way. And because we know you’re busy, we’ve pared these conversations down to the essentials.

Rob Shives: How In-House Counsel Can Shift From Revenue Protection to Revenue Generation

Rob Shives practiced as in-house counsel for leading corporations like Fujitsu and Shinko Electric. He also led the Bay Area Chapter of the Association of Corporate Counsel for many years. In his interview, Rob hones in on the importance for in-house counsel to be a revenue generator, not just revenue protector.

Bob Ambrogi: Top Trends Shaping In-House Legal Departments

The “revenue generator + revenue protector” theme is one of the top 5 trends driving change in the legal marketplace right now. It naturally came up again with both Bob Ambrogi, editor of blog LawSites and host of the LawNext podcast.

Jordan Ritenour: Moving In-House Legal Teams to the Front Lines of Business

With perspective gained from a partnership with UC Hasting’s LexLab Legal Tech Innovation Hub, Jordan Ritenour told us he sees that everyone is trying to get a piece of a lawyer on an in-house team. In-house attorneys are increasingly tasked with doing more with less and lowering costs. How are the pros getting by? By arming themselves with data and being more productive by avoiding repetitive tasks.

In-house lawyers should be more productive, proactive, and on the front lines of the business, focused on deal volume, deal metrics, and the fun stuff, rather than redlines behind a computer and reactive behavior. In-house lawyers should use tools and processes that allow them to think strategically.

How do you do this? Use tools that allow you to act as a business partner—and not a bottleneck.

Want to be a part of the conversation? Get in touch! We’d love to hear from you. And if you’re heading to CLOC’s Annual Corporate Legal Operations Institute next week in Las Vegas, let us know and we’ll see you there!

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