Upcoming Webinar: Common Legal Hold Challenges-And How to Meet Them

Upcoming Webinar: Common Legal Hold Challenges-And How to Meet Them

In theory, issuing a legal hold is straightforward: draft the sternly-worded notice, hit send, and watch the receipts roll in. In practice, and without a well-defined process, it can be a quagmire of spreadsheets, flustered custodians, and accidentally-deleted email responses.

What do the most orderly legal departments do to ensure efficient, low-risk legal holds with no surprises?

Here’s a hint: it doesn’t involve spreadsheets and manual reminders.

Join Logikcull next week for a webinar on how to burn your spreadsheets and start doing legal holds right.

We’ll be joined by Lindsay Kolar, corporate paralegal at Gordon Food Services, one of the largest privately-held companies in the U.S., as we examine the top 6 challenges associated with applying and administering legal holds—and how to avoid common pitfalls.

Topics to be covered include:

  • Drafting templatized, jargon-free holds custodians can understand
  • Tracking confirmation of receipt in a consistent fashion
  • Phasing out manual processes and overcoming spreadsheet chaos
  • Managing and talking down bewildered notice recipients
  • Ensuring preservation by third parties


About Our Presenters

Lindsay Kolar, Gordon Food Services

A paralegal for the largest privately held and family-managed foodservice distributor in North America, Lindsay efficiently manages hundreds of legal holds each year with a steady hand and ice in her veins. Prior to joining Gordon Food Services, she served as a senior international paralegal for the diversified global financial services firm Calamos Investments. She specializes in corporate governance and due diligence.

Cindy Langenbeck, Logikcull

Cindy is an attorney and product manager at Logikcull, where she leverages over 15 years of industry experience, including in-house work at Google and AirBnB, to help build powerfully simple solutions to the most pressing challenges facing corporate legal teams. She most recently led the development of Logikcull Hold, which is quickly becoming a preferred solution for organizations seeking an intuitive, robust platform for issuing, tracking and releasing notifications.

Robert Hilson, Logikcull

Former executive director of the Association of Certified eDiscovery Specialists, Robert Hilson joined Logikcull almost six years ago and has not been told to leave. At Logikcull, Robert brings his extensive expertise to driving industry engagement and education around the most pressing discovery challenges.

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