What Happens in Vegas Stays in Logikcull

What Happens in Vegas Stays in Logikcull

Last night marked the kickoff of ILTACON 2017, the largest gathering of legal technology professionals around. ILTACON, celebrating its 40th anniversary this year, is as relevant today as when it kicked off decades ago. There will be networking, educational sessions, keynotes, demos and plenty of pressing legal technology issues to discuss.

Logikcull, of course, will be there, showcasing how powerfully simple software can reduce risks, eliminate vendor costs, and transform eDiscovery. You can check us out at booth 540, but we won’t just be passing time in the vendor hall. Here’s what you can look forward to.

What Happens in Vegas Stays in Logikcull

What happens in Vegas very well may end up in Logikcull. But what’s that look like? Find out and we’ll give you the hottest gear this side of the Mojave Desert.

Sign up for an in-person demo of Logikcull at booth 540, and we’ll give you a limited-edition, ILTACULL “What happens in Vegas” commemorative t-shirt. You’ll be the best dressed conference-goer in town.

Once you complete a demo, you’ll also be entered into a drawing for even more swag. We’ll be giving away an Apple watch, a Nikon DSLR camera, a Sonos bluetooth speaker, and more, with a drawing every day.

Don't Join the Dark Side

ILTACON kicks off with a “galaxy” theme, a perfect fit for Logikcull’s fight against the darkside—the darkside of eDiscovery, that is. Keep your eyes out for the bearded Princess Leia and steer clear of any outdated eDiscovery vendors stormtroopers.

Learn How to Avoid an eDiscovery Disaster

Speaking of the dark side, there’s still plenty of darkness in the eDiscovery world: expensive vendors, decades-old technology, opaque pricing, risky practices, and more—leading to discovery disasters that are all too common. Disasters like the recent Wells Fargo discovery data breach, where the company’s attorney turned over thousands of documents including highly sensitive personal and confidential information on the bank’s wealthiest customers, on a CD-ROM. Adding insult to injury, the receiving party then took that information straight to the New York Times, turning a discovery SNAFU into front-page news.

What went wrong and how could it have been avoided?At ILTACON, Logikcull will dive into those issues and show how powerfully simple tools that take advantage of the hallmarks of modern, cloud-based technology—secure file transfer, encryption, intuitive interfaces, auto-detection, and more—can help prevent future disasters.

Sign up here to join us.

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