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Find and Review Important Data Fast

Whether you’re reviewing documents for discovery, redacting public records, or digging into an investigation, Logikcull gives you a powerful solution to get the job done quickly, affordably and confidently.

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Just Drag & Drop. We’ll Do the Rest

No more waiting on vendors or IT. When you’re ready to start a project, just drag and drop your data and Logikcull will automatically apply over 3,000 processing steps, including OCR, deduplication, metadata extraction and more.

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Access Cloud Data Instantly

Today’s data lives in the cloud. Access it easily with Logikcull’s suite of cloud-to-cloud integrations for ESI discovery. Whether Google Suite data stored in Google Vault, Slack messages, or Box storage, Logikcull’s integrations let you access your data in just a few clicks. No downloading. No uploading. Just Instant Discovery.

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Instant Document Review for Google Vault

Search and review data from Gmail, Google Drive, Hangouts Chat, and more with Logikcull’s Google Vault integration. Simply connect your Logikcull and G Suite accounts to export Google Vault data directly within the Logikcull platform.

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Streamline Your Process with Project Templates

Eliminate set up time, ensure consistency, and get to work faster with project templates. Create one template for all your matters or customized templates for specific uses.


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Culling Intelligence® for Technology-Assisted Review

Why predict when you can know? Find your most important data fast with Logikcull’s Culling Intelligence® engine. Logikcull automatically surfaces the most important document metadata while intuitive filters let you quickly drill down into your documents.

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Manage Your Teams with Robust User Reporting

Logikcull’s user reporting functions make managing a complex discovery process much simpler. Batch distribute documents to your review team and track their progress throughout the review. Track user activity, monitor document downloads, and quickly get insight by individual user, project, and account.

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Blast Through Review With Customized, Repeatable Tagging

Repeat multiple tags across documents with Logikcull’s simple “repeat tag” feature. Cut out the clicks and apply work product speedily and easily by repeating tag logic across multiple documents. That’s just one of the many ways Logikcull takes the tedium out of discovery.

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Automatically Detect Potential Privilege

Logikcull’s automated processing has quality control built in. Sophisticated “QC tags” let you know what documents are potentially privileged, password-protected, or contain embedded files, so you can isolate your most important documents with just a click.


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Create Productions in an Instant

In Logikcull, creating a production is as easy as clicking “download” or “share.” Create repeatable templates, use default templates keyed to requirements from the DOJ, SEC, and others, and share your docs through a secure, access-restricted link with a built-in audit trail.

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Logikcull’s ShareSafe Eliminates the #1 Risk in Modern Litigation

ShareSafe keeps your documents secure even during production. Rely on Logikcull’s closed-loop Instant Discovery platform to secure your information through the entire discovery process.

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Speed Time to Data

No more complex load files. No more frustrating uploads. No more mapping fields. Whether you're importing data directly from the cloud or accessing a production instantly through Logikcull’s Instant Review, getting to your data is easier—and faster—than ever.

More Features

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Simple, Powerful Software

eDiscovery doesn’t need to be complicated and reviewing documents shouldn’t require a graduate degree in information sciences. Logikcull is simple, powerful software that makes finding, organizing, and reviewing documents incredibly easy.

Minimize onboarding with intuitive user interfaces. Free up your IT resources by eliminating technical bottlenecks. Empower your teams with software they won’t get lost in.

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Technology You’ll Actually Use

The best tools in the world are useless if they’re left on the shelf. Ensure easy adoption with Logikcull. Delight attorneys with accessible, intuitive software. Overcome client objections with transparent, predictable pricing. Recover costs with simple, straight-forward bill-back.

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Logikcull never sleeps. Unlike third-party vendors who clock out at the end of the day, Logikcull’s software is there when you need it, whether you’re starting a project in Malaysia or reviewing documents from your office in Miami. And with free 24/7/365 in-app support, help is always there if you need it.

<1 minute response time! Don’t believe us? See for yourself.

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No hosting fees

If you’re still paying for hosting, you’re being overcharged. Cloud storage is cheap. So why would you a 2600X markup for per-GB hosting fees, every single month? Say goodbye to monthly, per-GB pricing and see how you can save on your next matter, without sacrificing power or functionality.

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eDiscovery Is Risky. Logikcull Isn’t.

When your data is in Logikcull, it’s safe. That’s why thousands of users in more than 30 countries trust us with their most sensitive documents. Logikcull’s closed-loop platform, where data is protected in motion and at rest in one secure location, removes much of the risk inherent to the eDiscovery process.

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Encrypted, Secure, Compliant

Data in Logikcull is protected by 256-bit, AES, bank-level encryption in transit and rest. Logikcull meets the most demanding compliance standards and regulations, including HIPAA, SOC2 (Type II), Privacy Shield, and GDPR.

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Control Access with Single Sign On

Secure access to your most sensitive data with Logikcull’s single sign-on. Make provisioning and de-provisioning accounts a breeze by requiring users to access Logikcull through their Google, Spotify, or Walmart Every Day Low Prices Club accounts.

Get Started Immediately, With No Commitment

Want to take Logikcull for a test spin? Good! Skip the demos, RFPs, and salespeople. With Logikcull, you can create a free trial account and start exploring sample data in seconds.

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