4 Webinars to Help Improve Your Discovery Process

4 Webinars to Help Improve Your Discovery Process

In the high-stakes world of discovery and litigation, even the most experienced practitioners can end up making unforced errors. Failure to fully protect attorney client privilege, for example, can lead to embarrassing and expensive 502(b) motions, potential privilege waiver, and even claims of malpractice. Failure to fully understand you or your opponent’s discovery technology can let valuable evidence go undiscovered, or result in a disastrous production gone awry, where documents that should never see the light of day are accidentally handed over to the opposition.

But if these particularly troubling scenarios don’t inspire you to improve your discovery practice, maybe this will: you could be leaving cash on the table, and lots of it. A modern approach to discovery, one that cuts out the middlemen, can reduce costs to clients and bring more billable hours in house, all while giving you more control over your workflow.

When it comes to refining your process, you’re not on your own. In the four webinars below, we discuss mistakes practitioners often don’t even know they’re making and provide simple, actionable ways to correct them. And they’re all available to you for free and on demand.

Judge Peck and the Adventure of the Missing 502(d) Order

Do you use a 502(d) order in your cases? If you answered no, you’re not alone. Ninety percent of the legal professionals who attended this webinar didn’t either. But if you’re not at least considering 502(d) orders, you’re putting attorney-client privilege at risk, and risking potential malpractice.


Just yesterday, the Honorable Andrew J. Peck (Ret.) joined Logikcull to guide us through “The Adventure of the Missing 502(d) Order.” One of the nation’s leading eDiscovery thinkers, and one of FRE 502(d)’s fiercest advocates, Judge Peck served as U.S. Magistrate Judge in the Southern District of New York from 1995 until just a few months ago, during which he wrote several foundational opinions on the discovery process. Inspired by Judge Peck’s 502(d) advocacy and his long-running interest in Sherlock Holmes, this webinar investigates one of the greatest unsolved mysteries of legal practice today: the failure of the bar to embrace FRE 502(d)’s protections.

Watch this webinar to learn:

  • The basics of FRE 502
  • The high-reward, no-risk benefits of 502(d) orders
  • The potential consequences of failing to use such orders

Are You Missing Critical Evidence? eDiscovery Search Accuracy with Craig Ball

Could a simple percentage sign derail your entire discovery process? If you’re not aware of the capabilities and limitations of your platform, it could. In this webinar with Craig Ball, a litigator, special master, and respected discovery expert, we explore the often-underappreciated ways that search technology can impact the accuracy of your document search, review, and production.


In this webinar we cover:

  • How your discovery platform can dramatically impact your search results
  • The importance of configuration, processing settings, query language and syntax
  • How to make sure the other side isn’t failing to produce important documents

Navigating the High Stakes World of eDiscovery Billing

Are outdated and inefficient discovery processes leaving your clients with exorbitant bills while denying you potential sources of revenue? Are you finding yourself forced to eat the costs of discovery overruns or struggling to convince clients that the discovery process will be beneficial to their matter? Are you missing opportunities to reduce costs without compromising the quality of your case?

In this webinar, we explore client-friendly and firm-friendly changes you can make to your discovery and billing workflows, to help you gain control over your discovery process while reducing costs to your clients.

Topics covered by this panel of experts include:

  • How to take advantage of the “golden age of evidence”
  • How your discovery approach can impact client bills
  • Ethical and practical considerations in client billing
  • How to turn discovery from a cost center into a revenue generator

How to Avoid eDiscovery Production Disasters

Far too many legal professionals have a tale of a discovery gone wrong. Maybe it’s the privileged documents that were inadvertently handed over and needed to be clawed back, or the document production burnt to a DVD and shipped across the country, never to arrive at its destination. And in some cases, production goes really, really wrong—like when you accidentally hand over hundreds of confidential financial records, which are promptly brought to the New York Times, as happened with an attorney for Wells Fargo not too long ago.

Discovery production disasters may be all too common, but they are also avoidable. Learn how to protect yourself from catastrophe in this informative webinar, as we cover:

  • Best practices for securing your productions
  • Ethical considerations when handling client data
  • How to avoid inadvertent disclosure
  • Foundational case law on waiver and sanctions stemming from production failures

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