Can You Master Modern Discovery? Prove it with Culler Certification

Can You Master Modern Discovery? Prove it with Culler Certification

Discovery is a challenge. Do it well and you can mitigate risks, reduce costs, and obliterate roadblocks. You can master new data sources, keep client information secure, and, in the best cases, surface case-dispositive information quickly. Do it wrong and, well, you can find yourself frustrated, over-charged, buried in data, and even facing potential eDiscovery sanctions.

If you’ve got what it takes to do discovery well, now is your chance to prove it. Logikcull is excited to announce the release of its new Culler Certification program, a badge that says, when it comes to modern discovery, you know your stuff and you know how to do it well.

Culler Certification is proof of your ability to master modern data in litigation, whether through basic search and review or advanced project management. It shows your peers that you possess the expertise and technical skills needed to quickly and securely navigate the most complex discovery challenges—all while maintaining a commitment to speed, cost-savings, and security.

What Is Logikcull’s Culler Certification?

Logikcull’s certification program measures your discovery ability across three levels, each tailored to your breadth of experience, advancing from basic certification to “master” level.

Unlike other certifications, which measure your ability to pass an exam, Culler Certification the Culler Certification requires you to perform activities within the context of active discovery projects, providing proof of hands-on experience.

The beginner level certification tests your mastery of the basics of discovery. These Cullers have mastered the most standard discovery tasks, such as creating new matters, filtering, searching, tagging, and redacting documents, creating productions in multiple formats, and even guiding others on best practices. Pass the exam and you’re a Certified Culler.

Pro Cullers, the second level in Logikcull certification, can take maximum advantage of the capability of Logikcull’s Instant Discovery platform. They can create file, cloud, and database uploads; customize reviews; filter documents through complex searches; and create custom production specifications and load files.

Master Cullers, the ultimate in the tri-level certification program, are as the name implies: masters of modern discovery. They not only meet Pro Culler competencies, but can implement quality controls, draft complex search strings, improve discovery processes through account level templates, and more.

What Benefits Come With Certification?

For both individuals and organizations, Logikcull certification is a sign of your expertise, skill, and commitment to discovery best practices.

For individual Cullers, certification is an opportunity to advance your skill, knowledge, and experience in a fast-growing area of business and law. It’s a demonstration of your abilities, from core discovery competencies through to unique and challenging cutting-edge use cases. And your Culler badge also serves as a signal to employers, courts, clients, and peers that you value speed, security, and cost control in the discovery process.

On the organizational level, whether for law firms or in-house legal departments, having your teams certified can bring numerous benefits. First, as proof of your team’s ability, it’s a valuable sign that your talent is talented, capable of getting the job done correctly while lowering the risks and costs associated with discovery. It’s a validation of your staff’s skills and competencies and a sign to the world that you’ve invested in speed, security, and proportionality in discovery.

How Can You Get Started With Culler Certification?

Beginning the certification process is easy. Beginner-level certification is free and available to any Logikcull user. You can learn more about Logikcull’s eDiscovery Certification here, including requirements for each level of certification and free, on-demand training.

As you take the examinations and advance through the levels of certification, from Culler to Master Culler, you’ll be invited to add your new credential to your LinkedIn profile. Sharing your status as a certified Culler shows the world that you're skilled in modern discovery. So don’t be shy—and don’t be left out! You probably already have a few certified Cullers in your network today.

Get started with Logikcull’s Culler Certification for free today.

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