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Clawback - The T-Shirt You Wish You Could Get Back... On Your Back

January 6, 2014  |  0 min read


OUCH! All I asked was for a clawback!! Geez. You'd think I asked you to hand over key evidence that I'd rather you not see. Sheesh.

In the legal industry, especially in litigation, you'll hear the word clawback quite a bit. We thought it would be fun to make a literal translation of this word into a t-shirt. Hope you like it!

Buy the t-shirt here*:

*note: We only design these shirts. We make no money from them. We just love designing. The shirts are sold through Zazzle and we have it setup so that 10% of your purchase automatically goes to charity: Martha's Table, a Washington DC charity that provides healthy food, affordable clothing, and quality education so DC residents in need can build a better future.