To the Cloud! The Trend Toward Cloud-Based eDiscovery

Learn about the advantages of cloud-based storage and processing for eDiscovery.

To the Cloud! The Trend Toward Cloud-Based eDiscovery

It’s hard not to notice the growing trend of storing and processing eDiscovery data in the cloud rather than costly on-premises servers. In fact, Gartner estimates that more than half of all on-premise IT solutions will be replaced by cloud services by 2025. 

The difference between eDiscovery on-premises and cloud-based solutions is pretty simple: On-premises software is installed on servers that are owned and managed by your organization. Cloud-based eDiscovery software is managed by a third-party vendor, meaning you don't have to worry about maintaining your own servers. 

Clearing Up the Clouds: On-Prem vs. Cloud-Based Hosting

There are major differences between on-prem and the cloud – and moving to a cloud-hosted solution has clear advantages. 

First off, scalability is a big plus of cloud-based eDiscovery. These solutions can easily handle large data sets by scaling up or down resources based on the size of the data being processed. This means you won't have to worry about running out of processing power when you need it most.

Some eDiscovery solutions – like Logikcull – allow for an unlimited number of users and are available from anywhere at any time.

Another benefit is lower upfront costs. On-premises solutions can be pricey to deploy and maintain as it requires upfront investment in hardware and software. You also have to budget for ongoing maintenance and upgrades. 

On the other hand, cloud-based eDiscovery solutions tend to have lower upfront costs and require less maintenance since the vendor is responsible for managing the infrastructure and providing updates and upgrades.

Accessibility is another benefit of cloud-based eDiscovery solutions. You can access your data and collaborate with team members from anywhere with an internet connection – Which these days is nearly everywhere. In contrast, on-premises eDiscovery systems are typically limited to the physical location where the hardware is installed. And who wants to do things in-person anymore?

Can you say, “No more data gateway admin costs”?

There are a lot of silver linings to be had with a cloud-based eDiscovery solution and data security is arguably the most important. 

On-premises solutions do offer you more control over data security, as data is stored locally and managed by the organization on local devices… but this also makes them more vulnerable to hackers. Cloud providers have the resources and expertise to invest in advanced security measures, such as encryption and access controls, giving you peace of mind that your data is secure. 

Finally, cloud-based eDiscovery solutions are continuously updated with the latest software versions, security patches, and maintenance by the provider, freeing up IT resources and ensuring that the system is always up to date.

Silver Linings: The Benefits of Cloud-Based eDiscovery

Cloud-based eDiscovery solutions like Logikcull are a great option for organizations looking for an efficient and accessible way to manage their eDiscovery process. Some key features are:

  • Save $$$ with centralized data management:  Cost savings is the number one benefit. By securely storing all your discovery data in the cloud, you can dodge those pesky storage fees and keep everything organized in one convenient location. Plus, it's just a click away from your doc review process. 
  • Advanced search and analytics: Logikcull’s Culling Intelligence™ automatically categorizes your data into predefined search filters: email from/to/cc, doc types, potentially privileged, PII, and more. This lets you quickly understand the scope of your matters, cull out irrelevant data, and move fast with your document review. 
  • Data visualization and reporting: You can transform complex data sets in a snap, so it’s easier to understand. Reporting features are super handy, too – they allow users to generate customized reports that summarize important details about the case. Think document counts, review stats, and search term usage.
  • Robust integration capabilities: It all begins with a one-click data collection. You can pull files from your most used sources in seconds with direct integration with Slack, Google Vault, MS 365, and Box.  

When it comes to eDiscovery solutions, going with a cloud-based option can really pay off. Not only do you get benefits like scalability, accessibility, and security, but you'll also enjoy lower upfront costs and continuous updates. If you're in the market for an eDiscovery solution, a cloud-based one should definitely be on your radar. 

If you’d like to see how Logikcull's cloud-based eDiscovery software can work for you, feel free to book a demo today.

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