Cull the Noise. Find the Signal.

Cull the Noise. Find the Signal.

At Logikcull, we start with the “why?” Always. It’s a core value.  

So why Logikcull? Specifically, why would you use Logikcull? Why do you need Logikcull? The discovery space is more crowded than ever. And every single company out there, whether vendor or software maker, promises the fastest, best results at the lowest cost and highest ROI. With some differences on the margins, we—discovery providers, that is—are really all the same, right? 

So, again, why Logikcull? 

It’s a question we’ve obsessed over for more than two years as we’ve undergone an evolution of sorts that started with the launch of a brand new product experience back in March, and culminates today with the launch of a new website and renewed focus on a singular problem that we believe we are not only best equipped to solve—but solely equipped to solve. 

We live in a world where data is no longer information. It’s noise. That noise—email, social media, Zoom recordings, chat, Slack, [insert random file here]—is growing at an alarming rate, so much so that the explosion of this data, this noise, represents perhaps the most inextricable challenge to disputes and investigations today. 

Why? Because discovery doesn’t account for it. Your budget doesn’t account for the noise. Deadlines don’t account for the noise. Vendors certainly do not account for the noise. In fact, they feed off, exploit, and get rich off it. 

We know based on years’ worth of experience that more than 97% of all discoverable information is in fact purely noise. Totally worthless. Completely irrelevant. Just clogging the pipes of justice. And it’s making discovery a complete nightmare. 

So we built Logikcull to solve for the noise. So that discovery can legitimately be drag-and-drop easy. So that it’s not a given that your next invoice demands an explanation to your client or an apology to your CFO. So that the real complex stuff—the stuff that eats away your time and budget—can just be automated so you don’t have to deal with it. 

There’s more noise today than ever. And if you read this post again tomorrow, it will have multiplied in the hours in between. 

So that’s why Logikcull. We cull the noise. We fixate on the noise. We automate away the noise. So you can find the signal. 

For more, check out our new explainer video below. 

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