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CullCast #1 - 'Discovery to Death' with US District Judge Mark Bennett

June 11, 2015  |  1 min read

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Mark Bennett is a renaissance man of sorts. He collects vintage wines, regularly tops 200 on the bowling lanes, and has dominated multiple chile eating competitions -- including one hosted by a SCOTUS Justice. He also brought a case before the Supreme Court in his mid-20s, and, once he got to the bench himself in 1994, has championed access to justice and legal innovation through technology in his home courtroom in Sioux City. 

US District Judge for the Northern District of Iowa, where he served as chief judge for seven years, Bennett made headlines last year for requiring a litigator for a large, well-known law firm to produce a training video showing, essentially, how to behave during discovery. You can excuse his impatience with young lawyers -- he was going mano-a-mano with Warren Burger three years out of law school.

In this first CullCast, he describes how the confluence of obstructionist litigation and electronic data is impeding access to justice in federal courts -- and what can be done to fight the soaring costs of federal litigation.

CullCast spotlights the innovators, influencers and disrupters in law and technology who are revolutionizing the legal profession. You can listen to and download the podcast below. Look for it next week in iTunes and on Soundcloud.