CullCast #3 - In the Belly of the Beast with Steven J. Harper

CullCast #3 - In the Belly of the Beast with Steven J. Harper

Image courtesy of the New York Times.

Steven Harper graduated magna cum laude from Harvard Law, made partner at one of the most prestigious law firms in the world by 30, and spent the next quarter century representing big name clients in bet-the-company cases.

Then things got interesting.

After three decades at Kirkland & Ellis in Chicago, Harper called it quits to pursue a career as an author and outspoken critic of the legal profession. His blog, The Belly of the Beast, is among the most authoritative and well-regarded critiques of the inner workings of large law firms, chronicling the evolution of the practice and its, in Harper's view, move away from the noble-minded pursuits that once defined the field.

A self-described "observer of the human condition," he has been beating the drum for change within the legal industry and education system -- and championing the people and firms who do things the right way. His writings, including his latest novel, The Lawyer Bubble - A Profession in Crisis, paint a sobering picture of short-term thinking and pervading corporate attitude within firm walls.

In this latest CullCast, we discuss the economics of Big Law, the winners and losers it chooses, and how the next generation can help right the ship.

CullCast spotlights the innovators, influencers and disrupters in law and technology who are revolutionizing the legal profession. You can listen to and download the podcast below. Look for it in iTunes and on Soundcloud.

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