Hacking The Hue with Logikcull

Hacking The Hue with Logikcull


You may have heard about these strange new lights from Philips that you can control from your phone. The product is called Hue and is now being sold in Apple stores. Check it out here.

Sixty bucks for 3 light bulbs sounds a bit ridiculous, we know. But these bulbs can change color and be controlled from your iPhone! (insert nerd giggle). How cool is that? (snort-snort)

Well, since these bulbs are wifi-enabled we decided to hack them into Logikcull and make them blink whenever "something" happens in Logikcull. Naturally. So we setup a few lamps in our DC office, screwed in the bulbs, and hacked away. Within a day of incredibly-important work that just "had to be done" we had it working.

Check out the quick video above. We set it up so that:

  • Blue = Someone is uploading data
  • Green = Someone has added a new user
  • Orange = Someone is downloading data

It works great! Although, at the request of the engineers going insane, we've had to move the lamps away from people who'd rather not feel like they're at a disco all day long =)

If you're in DC, swing by our office and check it out. We're at 1400 I Street NW Suite 800. We're easily spotted. Just look up into the cloud (seewhatididrightthere) for blinking blue lights.

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