How It's Made - eDiscovery Episode

How It's Made - eDiscovery Episode


There's a show on the Science Channel called How It's Made. Maybe you've seen it. If not, stop what you're doing right now and binge on a few dozen HIM videos. They are incredibly addicting! I mean, who doesn't want to know how shoe laces are made?? You may be thinking, "How does this relate to legal technology"? It doesn't. Not in the slightest. But that's not what we thought when we decided to make a video about how documents are made in Logikcull. A lot of us at Logikcull are big fans of How It's Made. Can't get enough. If it's on TV, we're watching it.

So, when we started thinking of ways to visualize all the neat things Logikcull does to your documents we thought about How It's Made. More specifically, we thought, "what if we hired the guy from the show to do the voice over in our video"? That guy's name is Brooks T. Moore. Brooks is a professional voice over artist. He's so good at his job, that after leaving How It's Made in 2008, his fans successfully petitioned to bring him back. Good decision.

We decided to cold email Brooks with our idea. And to our total surprise, Brooks took on our little project. Within about a week we had our very own How It's Made script by none other than the voice himself reading it. Awesome.

Next, we had to make the video. But making a video of a digital process is quite difficult. There's nothing to film! Using the script as a guide we sketched out a good story board for how the video should flow.


We then hired an excellent animator from our neighbors up north, eh. Within a few weeks we had our How It's Made video.

A lot of craftmanship goes into the processing of our customer's data. We sweat the details so you don't have to. And we hope that this video sheds a little bit of light on that effort. We hope you like it. Here's the video again:

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