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How Lloyd Gosselink Slays Giants with Logikcull

September 15, 2015  |  4 min read


Customer: Lloyd Gosselink Rochelle Townsend, P.C.

Headquarters: Austin, TX



Over 30 successful years, Lloyd Gosselink Rochelle Townsend, P.C. (“Lloyd Gosselink”) has learned that success is something that is earned. Hard work is principally the foundation, but hard work underpinned by fresh thinking, a tenacious attitude, and an always-innovative approach is essential to being successful over the long haul.

Especially with complex commercial litigation, Lloyd Gosselink has been able to provide its clients with service unmatched by competitors of any size.

Recently it adopted Logikcull as its primary solution for eDiscovery. In choosing Logikcull, Lloyd Gosselink aimed to overcome four key challenges to improving its electronic discovery process.


1. Ingest and review millions of documents in discovery—without resorting to expensive software or outside vendors.

It isn't uncommon for complex litigation to involve millions of documents, spanning decades. A wide variety of document types must be collected and ingested into a system where they can be reviewed. For Lloyd Gosselink, there were many solutions available but nearly all of them adhered to the old model of traditional and outdated software installation. Vendors were another option but they were expensive, and limited options for review.

2. Discover the needle in the haystack that wins the case.

In complex cases, the side with more resources for discovery has typically had the advantage. If one side can bring more resources to bear in a case they have a much better chance of finding the keys to the case within a vast document set—keys that an under resourced firm may never have known existed. Lloyd Gosselink had to find a solution that gave it the same ability to mine the data as intensively as the deeper-pocketed opposition.

3. Find a solution that doesn’t require extensive training or IT support.

An expensive on-premise software solution that required lengthy implementation and training time was simply not an option. A solution had to be efficient in terms of time and cost.

4. Meet deadlines and review documents on short notice.

Lloyd Gosselink understands that the requirements of each case are different. From document sets to deadlines, to unforeseen issues, the best firms are able to adapt to any situation. To respond to different scenarios as well as meet client expectations, Lloyd Gosselink must be able to adapt quickly. Especially in litigation with short notice for document review, efficiency is paramount if deadlines are going to be met without overly straining the firm or driving up costs.


1. Automate document ingestion with Logikcull’s drag and drop upload system.

Logikcull's powerful, yet simple drag and drop system for document ingestion allowed Lloyd Gosselink to quickly get documents loaded without specially trained staff or any kind of special assistance. Documents could be uploaded in chunks as they arrived, regardless of their format. If staff could drag and drop into a web browser, they could upload documents. While saving time, Logikcull also allowed Lloyd Gosselink to take advantages of new rules for eDiscovery in Texas requiring the other side to furnish native files on request. This allowed the attorneys to review and investigate previously undiscovered data, and represented a significant advantage in litigation.

2. Bring institutional knowledge to bear using Logikcull’s powerful simplicity.

Being browser-based and having a simple user interface, Logikcull gave Lloyd Gosselink unlimited access to data with a user interface comparable to present-day web design as opposed to installed software that hasn’t been updated in years.

Without formal eDiscovery training, attorneys were able to bring to bear their intimate knowledge of a case. With more informed staff searching a dataset, gems were uncovered that gave Lloyd Gosselink the edge.

"Logikcull is hands-down the best tool for litigation I have ever used." ~ Tyler O’Halloran, Attorney, Lloyd Gosselink

Moreover, Lloyd Gosselink found that using Logikcull was superior to even the best vendor services, simply because Logikcull offered totally unencumbered access to data. There was no barrier to following hunches with additional queries—simply log on and search.

3. Use the highly intuitive, web-based Logikcull interface to train staff quickly.

Web-based Logikcull was up and running in minutes. After basic training on the Logikcull user interface, virtually any staff member could be culling and reviewing documents. Logikcull's powerful simplicity allows any firm to be processing and reviewing documents upon signing up.

4. Use Logikcull’s web-based and mobile interface to conduct review anywhere at any time.

Being web-based, attorneys and staff could log into Logikcull from anywhere, and on any device. This allowed the firm to take advantage of times when staff was on the road or otherwise out of the office—they could simply log in using a browser, tablet, or phone, and review documents. Suddenly small pockets of time became highly productive working sessions for attorneys away from their desks, greatly improving their ability to meet deadlines.


By using Logikcull, Lloyd Gosselink has not only overcome its eDiscovery challenges, it has leveraged the powerful simplicity of Logikcull to actually create advantage in complex commercial litigation.

With barriers to data access removed, Lloyd Gosselink’s staff has been able to bring the full weight of the firm’s institutional knowledge to bear on each case--an invaluable innovation to their practice.

In the end, success is not just about hard work; it’s about working smart. Logikcull has helped Lloyd Gosselink to work more efficiently, develop better insights, and deliver more for its clients in all matters of litigation.