InHouse 2020, The Conference for Leaders Who GSD, Is Now Available On-Demand

InHouse 2020, The Conference for Leaders Who GSD, Is Now Available On-Demand

In October, Logikcull brought together over 600 legal professionals for InHouse, the conference for leaders who GSD.

For two days, like-minded leaders from organizations large and small come together to create powerfully simple solutions to common challenges through structured collaboration. C-level leaders from two of the fastest-growing tech companies today shared actionable tips on “getting a seat at the table.” The chief litigation officer and associate general counsel from two leading healthcare companies showed us how to avoid “death by 1,000 cuts” during the eDiscovery process. And innovative legal operations leaders showed us how they were ”getting stuff done” without any additional budget or resources.

Now we’re making it all available to you. If you missed InHouse or were unable to attend a given session, you can now watch them all, on-demand and at your own pace. You can click the link below to get started or scroll down for some highlights and an overview of all the available sessions.


InHouse Video Highlights

If you want to jump straight to the chase, we’ve collected some of the top highlights from the conference for you below, so you can get all of the best moments in just a few minutes.

Andy Wilson on a Frictionless EDRM

What if we could make buying eDiscovery software fast, transparent, and easy—drag and drop easy? What if we could make that software so intuitive, so powerfully simple that even novice users could cull the junk out of their data and find what matters? What if we could reduce the inherent risks from the EDRM and centralize data in one secure location? Logikcull CEO and Co-Founder Andy Wilson explains how Logikcull is making a frictionless EDRM a reality.

Judge Mix on eDiscovery Pricing Transparency

When discovery costs come before the courts, how are judges to balance the public interest in a transparent legal process and individual parties’ desire to protect trade secrets or litigation strategy? U.S. Magistrate Judge Kristen L. Mix explains how she balances the scales.

Vinson & Elkin’s Jennifer Williams on Finding the “Best Fit” for Client Needs

See how Jennifer Williams, Director of Practice Support & Office Services at Vinson & Elkins, works with clients to scope matters and find the best approach to their needs.

Amy Sellars on Outside Counsel Cost and Avoiding Death by 1,000 Cuts

What happens when the scope of a review suddenly shifts, busting through the budget for the entire case? And what can you be on the lookout for in order to avoid such overruns in the first place? Amy Sellars, Associate General Counsel at Cardinal Health, explains.

Opendoor’s Ryan Black on Creative Problem Solving

In 2020, in-house legal teams have faced massive obstacles. Yet in many ways their work is more urgent and necessary than ever. So, when you find yourself facing urgent need on one hand and limited budget and resources on the other, what do you do? You get creative, just like Ryan Black, head of legal operations at Opendoor, did when he convinced his company’s engineers to train the company paralegals in the programming language SQL.

The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children Wins the Culler Impact Award

When you’re a nonprofit on a tight budget, you never want to have to choose between direct services and, well, responding to a third-party subpoena. And the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children provides some of the most important public interest services: they protect children, provide assistance to victims, families, and law enforcement, and help bring families back together. As winners of Logikcull’s first Culler Impact Award, NCMEC received a free, lifetime subscription to Logikcull, so they never have to decide between serving children or eDiscovery again.

All Logikcull Sessions Available On-Demand

Legal’s GSD Moment

The biggest blocker to change isn’t budget. It’s not bandwidth or bureaucracy or even procurement. It’s simple inertia. Logikcull Co-Founder and CEO Andy Wilson kicks off InHouse with a look at how innovative in-house teams are getting around barriers to change—and the new tools that Logikcull is releasing to help them empower their teams, simplify their processes, and do more with less.

Led by Andy Wilson, CEO and Co-Founder of Logikcull

No Budget, No Resources, No Problem: Legal Ops Leaders on How to Draw Blood from a Stone

The mandate to “do more with less” is nothing new. But in this climate of belt-tightening, hiring pauses and budget freezes, it’s more difficult than ever to stretch your dollars, resources, and people. Not to worry. In this session, legal ops leaders share guidance for innovative problem solving that will set you up for success in the “new normal.” Topics include creative ways to find budget (including budget from other departments), how to effectively shed inessential resources, and striking the right balance between internal and external resource allocation.

Led by Jenita Gillepsie, Director of Legal Operations at Bon Secours Mercy Health

Workshop: Building an eDiscovery Playbook for Your Team and Partners

You’re taking ownership of the discovery process to rein in costs, tighten security and improve overall visibility. But outside firms are still essential partners, and the effectiveness of your process is only as strong as your ability to collaborate. In this session, leaders from Veolia North America, Vinson & Elkins, and Logikcull share how to build process documentation and discovery guidance—from initial planning through to final deliverables —to maximize performance and get the most out of the “inside/out” relationship.

Led by Katie Lynch, Director of Legal Support at Veolia North America

Roundtable: Bringing Your Law Firm Experience to Bear on OC Management

For nearly 15 years before going in-house, Scott Wandstrat practiced as a partner at an AmLaw 200 firm. Today, as Chief Litigation Officer for Kindred at Home, he’s on the other side of the attorney-client relationship. Join Wandstrat and a roundtable of in-house leaders as they explore how to leverage law firm experience to get maximum value from outside counsel. Go beyond just OC guidelines with an insider’s view of how best to leverage your outside counsel relationships for optimal performance.

Led by Scott Wandstrat, Chief Litigation Officer at Kindred at Home

Elevating in a Crisis: How to Provide Leadership During Challenging Times

In 2020, we've all had to deal with crisis. How an organization responds, and how the legal function facilitates and enables that response, can lead to significant changes. When done right, that means expanded influence and a greater appreciation of the value of legal throughout the organization.

Led by Juanita Luna, Director of Legal Operations and Administration at Pacific Gas and Electric

Show Me the Money: How to Calculate ROI for In-House eDiscovery

While there are many factors that play into the decision of whether to bring discovery in house, at the end of day, the most powerful is straight dollars and cents. And while, for many organizations, eDiscovery costs have long been a black box, the most forward-thinking are developing robust ROI calculations for showing bottom-line results. Join a panel of experts as they share step-by-step how to develop benchmarks, KPIs and formulas for tracking spend and validating success. Attendees will come away with a calculator they can put to work today and guidance for how to share results with peers and superiors.

Led by Joel-Henry Mansfield, Sr. Litigation Technology Consultant at Nationwide

How to Maximize Outcomes by Aligning Incentives Between In-House and Outside Counsel

Learn new strategies for controlling spend and creating alignment, both in-house and with outside counsel. Join Ken Callandar, Managing Principal at Value Strategies, as he presents strategies for creating alignment and improving outcomes, from internal demand control to in-house optimization to OC selection, management, and performance.

Led by Ken Callander, Managing Principal at Value Strategies

Fireside Chat With the Hon. Kristen L. Mix

When it comes to capital-B "Big Issues" in legal, whether access to justice, technological competency, or the corrosive effects of discovery-driven gridlock, few people can speak to these as articulately, candidly, and authoritatively about all of them as US Magistrate Judge Kristen L. Mix. Join us as we sit down with Judge Mix to discuss everything from the impact of COVID-19 to emerging trends in litigation and discovery.

With the Hon. Kristen L. Mix, U.S. Magistrate Judge (D. Colo.)

First Annual Culler Awards

Are you changing the world for the better? Is your practice a model of eDiscovery excellence? Are you pushing boundaries on new and innovative ways to GSD? Then you're a prime candidate for the 2020 Culler Awards. Here we close things out right by presenting the first annual Culler Awards, for innovation, excellence and impact in eDiscovery.

Hosted by Logikcull CEO Andy Wilson and Sheng Yang, Logikcull CTO

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