New In Logikcull: MS365 Integration, Custodian Renaming, Robust Data Copy and More

New In Logikcull: MS365 Integration, Custodian Renaming, Robust Data Copy and More

New year, new features. We’re starting 2021 off right with a host of new features and improvements to help make your discovery process easier, faster, and more efficient, including:

  • MS365 Email Integration
  • Custodian Renaming
  • New User Password Requirements
  • Robust Data Copy
  • Relaxed 2FA Constraints for SSO Users
  • Improved Status Clarity for OCR-Heavy Uploads
  • JavaScript Rendering
  • Ending Bates Numbers for CSV Downloads
  • Per-Project Invoice Availability
  • Faster 2FA Code Resets

Check out the January 2021 release notes below—and if you want to stay up-to-date on the latest Logikcull releases, make sure you subscribe to Logikcull's weekly newsletter here.

Logikcull Release Notes for January 2021

MS365 Email Integration

Never google “export PST from Outlook” again. That’s right: users can now ingest and process email directly from MS365. The integration is available for MS365 versions E3 and E5, connecting to Logikcull through the Microsoft Graph API for MS365 users with “Mailbox Delegation - Full Access” permissions.

Just click on the Microsoft 365 icon under Cloud Upload, log in to your account through Azure Active Directory, and Logikcull will automatically retrieve a list of users from whom to export data. From there, select a date range and you’re off to the races.

Logikcull MS365

Note that Logikcull currently requests consent for read-only access to users’ MS365 profile information, user directory, and email data.

This feature is only available in subscription plans.

Custodian Renaming

We’ve all been there. Blame it on a fat finger or a sticky keyboard, but somehow “Ingmar Bergman Email” reads “Ingrid Bergman Email” on your uploads tab.

Not to worry: mislabeled or misspelled custodians can now be quickly renamed. Upon completion of an upload via File or Cloud Upload, a renaming option will appear from the “More” dropdown menu on the Uploads tab.

Logikcull Custodian Renaming

New User Password Requirements

Passwords for new users and resets must now be at least 15 characters in length, including the requisite special characters. Additionally, users may not reuse any of their previous six passwords. And as a reminder, Logikcull will automatically detect and flag passwords that have been compromised by use on third-party sites that have been breached.

Robust Data Copy

Users will now experience faster and more reliable copying of complex projects or searches from project to project.

Relaxed 2FA Constraints for SSO Users

Single sign-on (SSO) users can now access projects and accounts requiring two-factor authentication without having to reauthenticate through 2FA. (We’ve removed the secret handshake requirement as well.) For SSO-enabled accounts, account owners may request mass disabling of 2FA by contacting customer support.

Improved Status Clarity for OCR-Heavy Uploads

Users will now experience more visibility into the progress of uploads involving a significant amount of documents requiring OCR. Thanks to a reconfiguration of processing queues, you’ll now be able to track the status of your upload with precision, as “Processing X of Y documents” updates in real time.

JavaScript Rendering

Best viewed in Netscape? Never! Logikcull now indexes, renders and makes searchable JavaScript files.

Ending Bates Numbers for CSV Downloads

Users can now include ending Bates numbers in CSV and load file exports where only beginning Bates numbers were previously exportable.

Per-Project Invoice Availability

Some Logikcull customers will notice that per-project invoices are now available prior to making monthly payments. Per-project invoices tally the total monthly cost of each of your Logikcull projects for easy and accurate bill back and are available to account owners via the in-app billing tab.

Faster 2FA Code Resets

Drop your phone in the bathtub? Not to worry. Users locked out of accounts due to inability to access authentication codes can expect a speedier response from Logikcull Support, who, when granted permission, can now generate reset codes for affected users.

Not yet a Logikcull user? Try out these new features, plus the full suite of Logikcull capabilities by signing up for a free Logikcull trial today. Two weeks, up to 10GB of your own data, and all the powerfully simple eDiscovery software you could need.


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Logikcull + MS365

Logikcull integrates seamlessly with Office 365 for incredibly fast, always reliable cloud-to-cloud eDiscovery.

logikcull + ms365

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