Join Logikcull webinar on law firm data security | Thursday, Sept. 22

Join Logikcull webinar on law firm data security | Thursday, Sept. 22

This year has been a PR disaster for the "Law Firms Are Good at Data Security" narrative. Consider the following timeline...

February: A Russian cybercriminal known by the alias "Oleras" is reported to have targeted more than 50 US-based law firms to steal mergers agreements and other confidential M&A materials. [link]

March: Two of the most well known white collar law firms admit to suffering data breaches at the hands of hackers seeking insider trading intel. [link]

April: Hackers release more than 11.5 million documents belonging to clients of the Panamanian law firm Mossack Fonseca in what Edward Snowden described as the "biggest leak in the history of data journalism." [link]

May: A high-profile plaintiffs firm announces plans to sue other major law firms for failing to tell their clients they'd suffered data breaches. [link]

July: A hack of the Democratic National Committee exposes confidential communications between presidential candidates and their law firm advisors. [link]

August: Investigators determine that credentials belonging to more than 68 million users of Dropbox, which is used by an estimated 20% of all lawyers, were compromised in a 2012 hack. [link]

If any of this scares you, or if you're just the type who'd rather your client data not be strewn all over the internet, please join our webinar on Thursday, September 22 at 10 AM PT. Three highly respected panelists, including a practicing attorney, a security specialist and a legal ethicist, will be presenting on the ethical ramifications of data breach and steps you can take to protect client data.

Webinar Details

Title: Preventing the next Panama Papers: Tips for protecting client data in the age of cybercrime
When: Thursday, September 22 | 10 AM PT/ 1 ET
Who: Brian Focht, Attorney, Stiles Byrum & Horne; Eli Wald, legal ethicist, University of Denver Sturm College of Law; Joe Marquett, CEO, Accellis Technology Group

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