As "IRL" Hackers Circle BigLaw, Logikcull Partners With O'Magawd Firm for Law Lock™

As "IRL" Hackers Circle BigLaw, Logikcull Partners With O'Magawd Firm for Law Lock™

San Francisco - Amid a sharp rise in law firm data breaches and growing concern among security experts that legal discovery is the next frontier for hackers, Logikcull and the law firm of O’Magawd Mikoreer Izova have announced Law Lock™, the next generation of on-premise threat protection.

Law Lock™ is a stainless steel dial combination lock hand-crafted by German engineers to fit all sizes of so-called “evidence lockers”—filing cabinets for housing client files, discovery materials and lint.

Law Lock™, which has 96 unique characters in each of its four wheels, is capable of producing upward of 84 million unique combinations, making it virtually impenetrable to bad actors who can’t spot the Post-It on your office manager’s monitor, or who forgot to bring a lock cutter.

Law Lock™, which retails for $49.99, comes standard with two-factor authentication, syncing with most devices, such as personal pagers and fax machines. It is available in most law office color schemes, including shellacked wood, neutral dark brown, medium gray and deep beige.

“Law Lock™ combines all the hallmarks of an essential security application: namely, weatherproof zinc alloy and fire retardancy,” said John O’Magawd, managing partner at O’Magawd Mikoreer Izova and Law Lock™ mastermind. “It’s also socks compliant.”

By Law Firms for Law Firms

O’Magawd, a skilled autodidact, self-taught “authority” in law firm technology, and former legal aide to President Nixon, invented the lock to fill a gap in physical information security as legal professionals become increasingly preoccupied with largely unproven technology, like the internet.

“Only a lawyer can understand law firm security,” he said. “When a lawyer does it, that means it’s safe.”


Law Lock™ comes in several models designed to accommodate the modern law firm:

  • Law Lock™ Partnership Edition: Password can be changed only upon a majority vote of shareholders.

  • Law Lock™ Coin-Operated: For easy client bill-back.

  • Law Lock™ Time Keeper: Clocks the amount of time necessary to put in the combination, rounding up in 15-minute increments.  

  • Law Lock™ Lateral: Comes used and is triple the price, but you don’t have to configure it.

  • Law Lock™ Two Socks, Two Types Certifiable: For $20,000, rest assured that someone has at least looked at whether the lock works or not. Comes with a 200-page report that will never be read but looks appropriately daunting on a coffee table.

  • Law Lock™ Dial Up: When unauthorized access is detected, releases an ear-splitting recording of a dial-up modem, then emails an alert to your account.

  • Law Lock™ Biometric: The gold standard in 2FA. Hold unflinching eye contact as the lock scans your retina, then enter your code as normal. Comes with a 20% discount on Lasik surgery.

  • Law Lock™ Predictive Security: After approximately 8 months of use, attempts to learn your access patterns, unlocking itself in anticipation of your needs. Satisfaction guaranteed after at least two years of training.

As the security world has turned its attention toward high-profile “digital data” breaches and “cyber” hackers, some observers see increasing vulnerability in paper-based data and big opportunities for enterprising “IRL”, or “in real life,” hackers.

“We read a lot about phishing attacks and malware, but in how many firms across America are total randos walking through doors and seeing things they’re not supposed to see?” said Marsha Mikoreer, an O’Magawd partner. “To my mind, if it’s not in a safe, it’s not safe.”

“The response from security-minded clients couldn’t be more present,” O’Magawd explained. “In fax after fax, they’ve insisted that the legal community step up its ‘cyber’ game. Now we can. When a client sends you their most sensitive electronic documents, lawyers no longer need to ‘burn’ them to a compact disc’s read-only optical memory. They can now print them out and store them in a secure cabinet, closet, or abandoned conference room.”

“For too long, lawyers have been taken advantage of by vendors charging ridiculous markups for encryption and storage,” said Logikcull co-founder and CEO Andy Wilson. “Law Lock™ may not be the solution, but it’s certainly a product.”


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