Logikcull Leads in New eDiscovery Software Rankings

Logikcull Leads in New eDiscovery Software Rankings

For the 5th year, Logikcull has been named a "leader" in eDiscovery software by G2, topping the review site's summer momentum grid for satisfaction and ranking #1 on its "highest-rated" list. To check out the full list, click here.

When it comes to finding the best eDiscovery software, the best approach is to test out the technology yourself. Forget quarter-long RFPs, vendor dog and pony shows, lengthy sales pitches pretending to be demos, or demos that are actually a series of product screenshots, instead of live demonstrations.

If you want to know how discovery software will work, with your team, with your data, just use the thing. Leading solutions shouldn’t hesitate to let you take technology for a test drive, whether through a proof-of-concept trial or a sandbox account.

But the second-best way to select a software solution is recommendations from trusted peers. After all, your colleagues—the decision-makers, buyers, and end-users—who have relied on a tool for years will have a great sense of what works well and what still needs work. That’s why, if you were to survey the eDiscovery software market today, your research would likely bring to review websites like Capterra, G2Crowd, and Software Advice.

At Logikcull, our success is measured by our customers’ success. And that success takes many shapes. It’s a corporate legal team in-housing eDiscovery to take control of their spend, reduce risk, and improve outcomes. It’s an AmLaw 100 firm redefining their approach to discovery so that the discovery process doesn’t strain client relationships or require high-touch firm overleaf, to, in the words of one such firm, make eDiscovery “a non-event.” And it’s the paralegal who can blast through a Friday-afternoon fire drill instead of spending his entire weekend wrangling vendors or struggling with overly complex technology.

It’s customers like these that help make Logikcull possible—and it’s their enthusiasm that means that, if you visit any of the review sites listed above, you’ll consistently see Logikcull listed among the most-review and highest-ranked eDiscovery solutions. (Or you could pay $25,000 for a seasonal report with the same information—if that’s what you like to do with your money.) Logikcull ranks #1 on both Capterra and Software Advice, for example, and tops G2Crowd’s list as the #1 highest-rated eDiscovery solution.

These rankings are a testament to how powerful simplicity and broad accessibility can transform the practice of law.

Why Powerfully Simple Software Ranks #1

Think of the discovery process four decades ago. Then, an attorney would meet with her client, identify and gather documents, and simply sit down and begin reviewing them. That was it.

It could be inefficient, of course, but it was straightforward, understandable.

But as the emergence of electronically stored information grew, and the amount of data subject to discovery skyrocketed, that straightforward approach became incredibly complicated.

Data needed to be put on hold, forensically collected, shipped to vendors for processing, QCed, massaged, promoted to review, tossed to “nearline storage,” TIFFed, OCRed, project managed, etc. The result was the growth of a massive eDiscovery industry with Byzantine technologies and procedures, where just getting documents in front of reviewers could require an advanced certification and costs skyrocketed so much that celebrated U.S. Magistrate Judge John Facciola declared that “no greater challenge has been faced in terms of administration of justice in this country.”

Logikcull’s north star is powerful simplicity. Its main goal is to strip away overly complex processes, remove bottlenecks, automate routine tasks, and make discovery as easy as upload, search, download.

That’s why Logikcull can be used by everyone from legal professionals with no previous eDiscovery experience, who can quickly navigate the platform’s intuitive interface, to the world’s largest companies, where in-house teams can invite in outside counsel to review documents without requiring additional training or onboarding, to the highly skilled teams at firms like Baker Donelson, who leverage Logikcull to free up firm IT resources—and who have seen massive growth in usage and adoption.

“On many of our matters, the key is getting into the documents and data quickly,” as Lori Patterson, Baker Donelson’s Chair of the Financial Services Litigation & Compliance Group, explains. “Our team relies on this quick ramp-up time to jump into the data and advise and assist our clients in a variety of situations, without having to filter our needs through project managers or incur large, surprising, technical expenses.”

“There’s no other tool on the market that we’ve seen that allows virtually any one of our litigators or paralegals to just jump in and go on an investigation or document production,” says Anthony Mendenhall, eDiscovery Operations Director at Baker Donelson.

It’s this powerful simplicity that drives ratings like a 92% satisfaction score on G2Crowd, 91% for ease of use, and 95% for ease of setup. It’s what makes Logikcull the most-reviewed platform on G2Crowd, Capterra, and Software advice, and what drives more than 20,000 legal professionals to use Logikcull across thousands of projects.

The Best Tool for the Most Matters

Powerfully simple technology solves one of the biggest challenges facing eDiscovery—the complexity, risk, and frustration of the typical discovery process.

But technology alone is not enough.

When technology is prohibitively expensive, its benefits mean nothing. A great tool that you can’t use, or that clients refuse to pay for, won’t do you any good. And that’s why, on some platforms, you can find glowing reviews coupled with terrible caveats, caveats like “Once we disclose the costs of utilizing [the tool], many clients prefer we do not use the software.”

In an age of ever-growing data sizes, too many eDiscovery tools are still relying on outdated and unsustainable pricing models, like charging per-GB, monthly hosting fees, that keep their technology unused and out of reach.

These models are outdated because they charge for something—cloud-based storage—that has been largely commoditized. Indeed, it’s not uncommon to see a “vendor in the cloud” charge $30 or more per GB, per month in hosting fees. Meanwhile, leading cloud providers like AWS charge a maximum of 2.3 cents per GB.

Two cents. That’s literally the most you can pay for storage on AWS—which means a $30/GB is a 1300X markup.

Not only do these pricing models ignore the reality of cloud storage today (that storage is cheap, and it should be cheap for end-users as well), they turn the massive growth in data, a growth that has lead to what some call “the golden age of evidence,” into its own punishing problem. That’s because, under a per-GB model, every extra piece of data means massively increased costs. If a review extends longer than expected, those costs pile up. If new sources of ESI are discovered, those costs pile up. And as data sizes grow, those costs will always continue to rise.

It’s an approach that doesn’t make sense—and it’s no wonder so many clients will refuse to pay for it.

Powerful simplicity doesn’t just drive the technology at Logikcull. It extends to our pricing model as well. With a straightforward, per-matter approach, and no monthly hosting fees, users can achieve nearly 100% price predictability, at rates that won’t keep anyone from using the technology. This is why in-house teams have embraced Logikcull for its ability to control costs and law firms praise it for making discovery “a value-add to the client relationship, instead of a sticking point.”

Of course, you don’t have to take our word for it. You can see the reviews yourself, on G2Crowd, Capterra, or Software Advice.

Or try the platform out yourself—sign up in minutes, and with no cost for a trial account. After all, no one is a better reviewer than you.

You’ll soon see why Logikcull tops the ranking sites, with more than 300 five-star reviews.

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