Update: G2Crowd Report Ranking Logikcull as Top eDiscovery Solution Is Actually Not Available to Public But It Can Be Yours For A Large Sum -- Or You Can Just Go to Capterra Like Everyone Else

Update: G2Crowd Report Ranking Logikcull as Top eDiscovery Solution Is Actually Not Available to Public But It Can Be Yours For A Large Sum -- Or You Can Just Go to Capterra Like Everyone Else

(Editor's Update: Representatives for the software comparison site G2Crowd reached out to congratulate Logikcull on receiving the highest "G2 Score" in G2Crowd's annual report. But that report apparently is not available to the public, only to G2Crowd users -- and to customers, for $25,000. Not to worry. If you're interested in comparing electronic discovery solutions, there is an excellent site called Capterra.com, part of the Gartner network, that compiles verified customer reviews of dozens of leading companies. It's the Angie's List for software buyers. You can check out the Capterra Electronic Discovery Directory here.)

The below post has been scrubbed from its original version to remove all mentions of G2Crowd.  

You’ve probably heard us talk about how modern, cloud-based eDiscovery software like Logikcull can help you streamline your discovery process, level the playing field between law firms large and small, help you avoid unpredictable pricing and costly vendors, secure your discovery productions, speed up litigation, democratize discovery—we could go on. But we’re not the only ones saying this; both our users and industry analysts back us up. Which is why Logikcull is happy to announce [redacted].

[redacted] brings together independent and authenticated reviews of business technology, along with its own research and analysis based on customer satisfaction and market presence. In its [redacted], its first analysis of the eDiscovery software industry, Logikcull outperformed all other contenders, from niche products to Relativity, to be the highest scoring discovery solution available.

[redacted] are based on three factors: the number of reviews a product has, user satisfaction, and market presence. According to [redacted] analysis, Logikcull is the top discovery solution, followed by Relativity, Z-Discovery, Nextpoint, CloudNine and others.

[redacted] (This part used to describe why discovery professionals preferred Logikcull to other solutions.)

But where Logikcull really stands out was in user satisfaction. Logikcull eclipsed literally every other eDiscovery software considered, [redacted... For similar, but more comprehensive information, visit Capterra.com]. [redacted].

What goes into that rating? It’s not just an average of user reviews. (Logikcull has 4.8 out of 5 stars on Capterra). Rather a host of factors are considered, including:

-Overall customer satisfaction

-Customer satisfaction based on “end user-focused product attributes”

-Customer satisfaction with “administration-specific product attributes” (i.e., ease of use)

-Popularity and statistical significance of the reviews

-Review quality and recency

Logikcull’s satisfaction ranking makes sense when you see the reviews our users leave. Reviews like:

"We are able to provide our clients with a much more dynamic and powerful platform. We are now able to help out attorneys get documents to review much faster than before on our own local platform or even when we used other 3rd party vendors."
"The customer service is amazing (even being on the other side of the world). Questions are resolved in short order and where required conference calls with key stakeholders are arranged to ensure a full understanding of the solution. I have NEVER experienced this level of customer service."
"Hop on board or get left behind. This company is the most innovative in the field, and I have a feeling this only the tip of the iceberg."

It’s enough to make you blush. [redacted]. Logikcull is also the number one eDiscovery software product on Capterra, the software review website, where Logikcull has an average 4.5 out of 5 stars across 163 reviews.

(Or eschew public opinion altogether and try it out yourself. If you haven’t yet checked out Logikcull, we invite you to take a demo or sign up for an account today.)

The Emergence of the Legal Cloud

Besides Logikcull’s performance, [redacted] also highlights the continued growth of the legal cloud. In addition to Logikcull, cloud-based discovery solutions like Zapproved, Nextpoint, and CloudNine all ranked highly (though not as highly), demonstrating how quickly the legal cloud is growing, edging out on-premise and legacy discovery software.

It’s a trend that makes sense. Cloud-based software acts as a force multiplier, bringing efficiency and scalability to legal professionals and law firms of all sizes. Consider, for example, cloud-based eDiscovery’s ability to automate the costly and time-consuming processes that characterize on-premise eDiscovery solutions and “managed services” vendors.

Hundreds of steps that used to require extensive work—Bates stamping, document sorting and indexing, virus scanning, OCRing, deduplication, even auto-privilege detection—can now be done instantly as your data is processed, so you can start a new project in seconds, rather than days. Projects that were once vended out can now be brought in house, cutting out vendor middle men and bringing more work in house, helping to increase billable hours.

Characterized by its ease of use, the cloud allows legal professionals to conduct a discovery project from anywhere. Intuitive design makes document review quicker and simpler, allowing legal professionals to get through projects speedily while reducing the risk of user error.

Because this is all done on the cloud, there’s no need to build out huge hardware infrastructure in your firm, a solution that is expensive and difficult to maintain, or to handle discovery manually, which can be frustratingly slow even when dealing with smaller matters.

In the face of ever increasing data growth—from traditional emails and documents along with data from social media, mobile devices, and the Internet of Things—the cloud will grow even more important to legal practice, as cloud services allow legal professionals to scale their resources to the needs of each particular matter.

These trends are borne out not just by [redacted], but by Logikcull’s own Discovery Industry Snapshot. For the Snapshot, Logikcull surveyed users about their discovery process and predictions for the future, including asking them what tech developments they saw changing the practice of law. The top five included increased tech adoption, new data sources, cloud-based services, automation, and predictive coding.

In the future, more than 50 percent of respondents said that all or most of their technology would be in the cloud, a prediction that makes even more sense in the discovery context, when you consider the main for reason given for picking an eDiscovery platform was ease of use.

These aren’t just discovery trends, though. The cloud is changing everything from legal real estate, as more firms move to “virtual” offices, to practice management, as attorneys turn to the cloud for practice management software they can access at any time, from anywhere. At last week’s Clio Cloud Conference, the annual gathering for Clio, a cloud-based practice management solution, there was a clear sense of excitement about the way technology is transforming the legal practice, according to attendees like Robert Ambrogi and Andrew Cabasso. Or, as John Mayer, executive director of The Center for Computer-Assisted Legal Instruction, put it: “I have never heard so many lawyers talk so much sense about tech and practice in any conference ever. Shit is happening.”

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