Logikcull 10X: Make eDiscovery 10 Times Better With Deduplication

Logikcull 10X: Make eDiscovery 10 Times Better With Deduplication

Today, we’re launching a new video series, “Logikcull 10X,” highlighting tips and tricks to make your eDiscovery process easier and better. This semi-regular video feature takes its name from the idea that, to change behavior and spur the adoption of new technology, you must provide an experience that is ten times better than the status quo—not twice as good, not five times as good, ten times.

The features highlighted by “Logikcull 10X” show how your typical eDiscovery process could be ten times better: Ten times easier than ad hoc, manual review; ten times faster than relying expensive, slow vendors; ten safer than producing documents via CD-ROM sent out in the mail; ten times less frustrating than using decades-old legacy software.  (Maybe even eleven times.)

Our first episode focuses on Logikcull’s deduplication feature, which automatically culls through duplicative content, allowing you to cut down the documents you need to sift through by huge margins—instantly reducing the number of documents needing review by a third or more in many cases.

For law firms, deduplication is a massive time saver, reducing both the time spent reviewing documents and the time spent waiting to start a new review project. Because deduplication is automatic in Logikcull, there’s no need to wait on a vendor or third party who could take days to ingest and process your data.

For businesses and corporate counsel, deduplication has the added benefit of letting you keep more data in your hands, reducing the information you send on to outside counsel or vendors.

Watch how Logikcull’s deduplication can improve your discovery process 10X below and stay tuned for more “Logikcull 10X” episodes in the near future!

This post was authored by Casey C. Sullivan, who leads education and awareness efforts at Logikcull. You can reach him at casey.sullivan@logikcull.com or on Twitter at @caseycsull.

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