Logikcull Named a Leader in Worldwide eDiscovery SaaS in Recent IDC MarketScape Report

Logikcull Named a Leader in Worldwide eDiscovery SaaS in Recent IDC MarketScape Report

Logikcull has been named a leader in worldwide eDiscovery SaaS review software according to an IDC MarketScape 2019 Vendor Assessment*. The report, published by the market intelligence company International Data Corporation (IDC), evaluates discovery providers and categorizes them as leaders, major players, contenders, or participants. Participants in the report are assessed based on factors such as price predictability, cybersecurity, and scalability.

What sets those providers (and ultimately their customers) up for success? IDC lists several critical success factors including:

  • Cloud-to-cloud ingestion that allows customers to transfer cloud-native data from services such as Box for quick review, without having to export their information from one platform and upload it to another.
  • A commitment to cybersecurity. Security is table stakes for platforms handling the sensitive data involved in litigation, which is why platforms like Logikcull adhere to rigorous security standards, from 256-bit encryption to SOC-II Type 2 compliance to constant security testing.
  • Transparent pricing. As IDC notes, “consumer tolerance of hidden fees and exploding review costs [have] wane[d],” yet many pricing models haven’t caught up. Here’s where providers with predictable eDiscovery pricing stand out.
  • Scalability. A successful discovery platform needs to be able to handle heavy usage without buckling under heavy usage.

Here, Logikcull stands out as a cloud-native, low-cost platform that focuses both on speed and accessibility, rather than feature glut. This is why Logikcull has continued to double down on its core product missions: delivering speed and ease.

While other providers offer both software platforms as well as services more associated with traditional vendors, not SaaS software, such as managed review, Logikcull stands out by offering a nimble, powerful, and easy-to-use platform that can be deployed in minutes and mastered by nearly anyone. That’s why Logikcull has been cited as a “simplicity revolution” by one of the world's largest corporations and embraced by law firms from the AmLaw 100 to savvy boutiques.

Self-service, integrations, and pricing also stand out as significant strengths. Logikcull is committed to Instant Discovery. That's why anyone can create an account and begin processing and reviewing data in minutes, without a lengthy buying and implementation process. (Really, you can test it out right now, and get into a free account almost instantly.)

Integrations, such as with Slack data, allow users to handle ever-growing sources of information, which can help speed up ingestion for high-velocity matters.

Finally, on the pricing front, Logikcull’s pricing is completely transparent. We’d add that it also eliminates one of the biggest challenges to sustainable eDiscovery—the monthly, per-GB hosting fee that can dramatically balloon the cost of discovery for even modest matters. After all, litigation is expensive and unpredictable enough as it is. Discovery shouldn’t exacerbate those problems.

If you’d like to try Logikcull today, you can get started with a free eDiscovery account here.

* IDC MarketScape: Worldwide eDiscovery SaaS Review Software 2019 Vendor Assessment, Doc #US44752919, Aug 2019

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