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Boutique Law

Level The Playing Field

Today, data can be the difference between winning and losing. That’s why boutique law firms use Logikcull to go toe-to-toe with larger adversaries. Grow your practice, take on larger cases, bill more hours—and beat the big guys.

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See why litigators love Logikcull

Play By Your Own Rules

Change the competitive landscape with Logikcull’s first-mover’s advantage and force multipliers.
  • Don’t wait. Browser-based access and automated processing eliminate vendors and middlemen, so you can start a matter now.

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  • Gain instant insight. Culling intelligence helps you dig into your documents faster, so you get a clear picture of the evidence fast.

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  • Make every minute count. Eliminate downtime and gain control by bringing more of the litigation process in house.

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  • Grow as you go. Unlimited users and projects mean you can scale up and down as your caseload requires.

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  • Bill it back. Predictable pricing helps you bring work in house and pass it through with minimal hassle.

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  • Take bigger cases. Do the work that once took a roomful of contract attorneys on your iPhone, from anywhere.

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These firms are beating their biglaw peers

  • Allen Norton & Blue
  • Brooks Pierce
  • Buchanan, Angell, Altschul, & Sullivan LLP
  • Gibson & Keith
  • Herr Pedersen Berglund
  • ZwillGen
  • Lowe Yeager Brown